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Cause, Consequence &Perspective

No description

Kimberly Eyers

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Cause, Consequence &Perspective

Alternate Timeline
(Independent Project)
Include 5 real events/developments in the history of Aboriginal Canada, and then alter one event. Include 5 possible consequences to this imagined change in the past. (11 moments total).
The imposition of contemporary understandings on actors in the past. AVOID IT by taking historical perspectives.
Unpredictable nature of development
The past was not inevitable any more than the future is. Alter a Single action or event, and the consequences could vary widely.
Causes vary in their influence.
Change is the result of two factors:
Historical actors (individuals or groups)

Social, poltical, economic, and cultural conditions
Cause, Consequence &Perspective
Universal Human Experience
Change is driven by multiple causes and results in multiple consequences.
Taking a
HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE means inferring how people felt and thought in the past based on EVIDENCE. It does not mean empathizing with those actors.
Love, Death, Hunger
These need to be taken into account, but with caution. Remember that the context is important, and different from today.
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