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Plant Growth Science Experiment

This experiment deals with plant science.

Paige Rottschafer

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Plant Growth Science Experiment

Plant Growth Science Experiment Materials needed:
Three of the same plants
Three cabinets to use as a test room
Three different light sources, ex: 25 watt, 65 watt, and 100 watt
Experiment Question:
Is a plant's growth affected by the amount of light it recieves? First step of experiment:
Place each plant into a different cabinet
Remember to label the cabinets depending on the light bulb inside!
Second step of experiment:
Water and inspect plants daily
Record data for up to ten days Third step of experiment:
Determine which plant has grown the most
Complete lab report Lab report requirements:
Lab partners
What is a hypothesis?
Proposed explanation for an observable phenomenon What are other factors we could include into this experiment?
Change amount of time
Fan blowing on plants
How close the bulb is to the plant What was the conclusion?
Plant with the most sunlight grew the most
In addition to the sunlight, it was given water so it didn't dry out After measuring your own plants, compare the growth of your other classmate's plant growth Other information:
Lab report is due on May 28, 2010
Written in lab journal
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