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Game Management System (GSM) & CRM

No description

Max Burton

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Game Management System (GSM) & CRM

Game Management System (GMS)
Player Registration
Game Management Systems
CRM/MSD (Microsoft Dynamics)
IBM are delivering a holistic CRM
system, providing an overview of
specific data held on all RFU
systems. (Not all data stored on the Game Management system will be available, only data requested to IBM)

Match Card
Other Game Management System Applications
What is Mandatory?
Ticket Allocation Data, Incl:
1. Golden Roles
2. Teams
3. Registered Youth Players
4. Coaches (Role) & Qualification
5. Referee (Role) & Qualification
Club Admin
Other Data/Functionality
1. Membership Database - Membership Types, Record of payments
2. Communication
3. Team Management - Creation of Teams, allocation of players & coaches
4. Events
5. Reports
6. RFU Qualifications
7. Funding and Facilities Data
8. Data fed from other systems - Player Reg, Competitions, CAS
8. Any other data needing to be captured
Handbook Data
Online DBS
Online Club, County(CB) Database
A Rugby clubs CRM system. All relevant club data being displayed on one system
Who Enters the Data?
Club -
Webmaster, Hon Sec, Membership Sec, Safeguarding Officers, Team Managers
CB -
County Super Users,County Hon Sec, County Safeguarding Officer
School -
Teacher in Charge
University -
Webmaster, Hon Sec
What is Mandatory
1. L4 and above Register player directly by RFU on our Registration system
2. L5 and below register players online @ club via club registrar
Who Needs to be Registered
1. All Adults playing in RFU competitions (Typically 1st Team only)
2. All Youth
3. All Women
4. Player Transfers
Other Functionality
1. De-registration of players
2. Adding Parents and Schools Data
3. Reports including ID Cards
Who inputs the data?
1. Adult (Male) Registrar
2. Adult (Female) Registrar
3. Youth Registrar
4. National/Regional Registrars
5. RFU
What is Mandatory?
1. All RFU Adult Competitions
2. Youth - Daily Mail & Under 17's
Additional Data Available
1. Youth Competitions
2. Merit Tables
All added by volunteers

Who inputs the data?
1. RFU
2. Competitions Organisers
3. County Reps
4. Volunteers
5. Results Agents
All data entered on the competitons system is availble on the Club Admin system & rfu.com
Currently being trialled - Premiership & Championship
Non Mandatory at present - 14/15
Allows clubs to select their first 15 plus subs
Checks their status - Bans, EQP, EAP & Foreign
Only possible to select players that have been registered on the RFU registration system
Record Match Events - Subs, Scorers
Refs can add notes
Idea to make match card paperless
All clubs to use in future seasons

Understanding The Game Management Systems
Key Outcomes
1. What is the Game Management System
2. Who uses the Game Management System
3. Where the data comes from
4. Where the data goes to
5. Why we need the data
6. Importance of Data Quality
Match Card


Club Admin

Player Reg

Game Management System

Other GMS Systems
- Currently being used by RFU
- System will move the logging and management of disciplinary cases online
- Managed by the RFU and assisted by CB Discipline Secretaries (in time)
- Accurate Real time data
- Discipline is currently a manual process that can take months to be addressed
Course Administration System (CAS)
New system being developed
Enables the RFU to enter awards and qualifications against new and existing RFU members
Administered by Leeds Met, Safeguarding, ATM's & ATO's
Feeds into Club Admin allowing RFU, CB and Clubs to produce reports and ascertain who has what qualifications i.e how many level 2 coaches within Kent CB

Capital Projects
In Test
Designed to log and administer club grants and loans
Predominantly administered by Funding/Facilities
Public front end - Clubs can complete tasks and criteria relating to funding.
Tracks tasks and issues and will communicate to the assigned project team in the form of a notification.
Referee Allocation
Allows the RFU and Referee Societies to allocate ref's to specific fixtures

Coach Licensing
Rebuilding screens to simplify it - Requirements have been sent.

Administration of Coach/Teacher license

Process to achieve first certificate you must have L1 or more/2nd License after 3 years need to have sat 3 CPD's

Online application for coaches
RFU administered
Not updated/managed by clubs
Game Management System or GMS is the broad term for a number of applications used by the RFU and the game to administer Rugby
Intention is to make club administration more streamlined.
Greater clarity & accuracy of data
Club Led - Clubs doing the Admin, not RFU
Majority of data being surfaced in CRM
Provide clubs with a good, usable solution
You buy Microsoft Office, you use the application
Like Office, the GMS suite of applications provides the clubs with all the necessary modules to administer and manage their clubs effectively. Equally it provides the RFU with integral data to help ascertain what is happening in grassroots rugby and the true state of the game
All GMS systems are currently being redeveloped - Non IBM projects
Club Admin is more or less completed - Bug fixes and Testing
Player Reg & Competitions will follow
2012 Survey and Club Follow up determined Club Admin Requirements
2014 CB Consultations are helping shape the next developments
Club Admin is the Core, we now need to look at the value added products... to lure them in
Max Burton - IT (RFU)
*Predominantly updated by Volunteers
Spec currently being put together
Replacement for existing system
Enables Education department to capture school and colleges data i.e main contacts, potential competitions and eventually players
Administered by the RFU, however in time this can be handed over to School and College admin
Accessing Club Admin
Club Admin access via club websites on RFU.com
Player Registration
Where are we now......
Game Management System
Match Card
Club Admin
What is the Landscape
What are the current incentives for clubs...
Only regulatory system
Only site to provide qualifications & DBS
Player Registration
Club Admin
RFU.com web page
Embedded links
Individual Profiles
Online Membership & Payments
Wider player enrolment
What incentives can we deliver the clubs
All competitions entered
Online Match Card
Providing us real time data and numbers. Who played in which match and which position
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