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jacob campos

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of IGNEOUS ROCKS

now for basalt. basalt is used to make roads. basalt is used to make statues. basalt makes bricks. basalt is used to make concrete. basalt forms from rapid cooling lava. basalt is of ancient origin. basalt is on the surface of Gaea, mars, the moon, Venus, and asteroid Vesta. basalt is an extrusive rock. the oceanic plates are made of basalt. unweathered basalt is frequently black.
let's talk about andesite. andesite is formed during the melting of crustal material. andesite's name from Andes mountain range. the rock of which volcano consist is andesite. gunpowder is made of andesite. andesite has a porphyritic texture. andesite is commonly found in the specific ocean. andesite is the most common volcanic rock. the andesite line thus marks the border of the spacific basin.andesite consists of coarse crystals.
egyptians used it as symbolic plates.diorite can have imprints. diorite can make statues. ]][[}}{{\\
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