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Group Study on Mercurial

Carlo Ledesma

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Mercurial

Mercurial It is easy to learn and use It is lightweight It scales excellently It is easy to customize Subversion doesn't store revision history on the client Mercurial can import revision history from a Subversion repository. It can also export revision history to a Subversion repository. Create a Repository hg init Copy a Repository hg clone http://hg.serpentine.com/tutorial/hello These files have the same contents and history in our repository as
they do in the repository we cloned Check Status of Files in Repository hg status Note Working Directory != Local Repository !=Central Repository Add Files Prior to Commit $ hg add <ADDFILES> Commit to Local Repository $ hg commit -m 'I added <ADDFILES> to extend/fix/etc' Push Commit to Central Repository $ hg push Pull from Central Repository as Committed Version in Local Repository $ hg pull http://<HOSTNAME>/repo/<PROJECT> Update Working Directory with Committed Version hg update See All Changes in your Repository hg log See changes hg diff
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