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Mutations 3.06


Kelli Snellman

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Mutations 3.06

3.06 Mutations Activity
The histogram above shows the total estimated new breast cancer cases diagnosed in 2003.
Describe how mutations lead to genetic variations.
Mutations change the genetic code of
Which appears to be more dangerous: the BRC1 or BRC2 mutation?
Contrasting BRC1 and BRC2 mutation, the death rate of BRC1 is 18% and BRC2 has a lower percent of 2.8%. In addition more patients are effected by the BRC1 (89) mutation than BRC2(35).
Analyze a woman’s risk of dying of cancer if she carries a mutated BRC1 gene.
The BRC1 mutation has a high death rate (18%). In addition BRC1 effects more patients, in result taking more lives.

The results in this table below are from a 2007 study investigating BRCA mutations in women diagnosed with breast cancer. All of the women in the study had a family history of breast cancer.
By Kelli Snellman
How do heredity and inheritance relate to the data presented in these charts?
Since all the women have a history of breast cancer in their families many of the women in the date likely have received the cancer from their genetics.
What data would you need to see in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of preventive surgeries?
To draw a conclusion I would need to see data that helps me determine how many people the preventive surgery worked for and how many times the preventive surgery had no effect.
What does the age at diagnosis tell you about the mutation?
Based on the average ages, the mutation BRC1 effects younger people than BRC2. Breast Cancer with no mutation effects people older than those effected in the mutations.
Explain how breast-cancer genes are still present in the population, despite cancer-related surgeries and deaths.
Even though the cancer may be removed or the victim has passed, the offspring still carry the genetic code or have it in their gene pool.
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