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we beat the street

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of we beat the street

We Beat The Street The Pact We Beat The Street Why I liked the book
It was very descriptive
It was inspiring
It helped me to know to never give up
I liked how it switched to different people
it was funny 5 AGAR-a jelly like extract George Sam brave: picture of book this is a picture of Samson. He broke his foot when a big stone fell on it when they were trying to build a bench. It was very blood and he had to go to the hospital. T"m Sampson i broke my foot He broke his foot and hardly cried. curious: he asked a lot of questions at the dentist office Rameck Fearless: He can take on any challenge APATHY-lack of interest MUSED-a source of information VAST-immense SAUNTERED-stroll My Five Words the author I think wanted us to know to never give up just keep trying
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