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Partnership Opportunities with Givex

No description

Givex Presenter

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Partnership Opportunities with Givex

About Givex
Global Company established 1999
Provides cost-effective programs including:
Gift Cards
Omni-channel Loyalty Programs
Cloud-based POS Solutions

165,000 installations world-wide
Over 450 POS integrations
White Label
Designed for partners who wish to incorporate Givex services seamlessly into their own offering

Enables partners to offer clients a range of full-featured gift card and loyalty programs while Givex handles the backend transaction processing and implementation

Solution to expensive and ongoing administration costs and R&D start up costs

Looks and feels like your brand

Partners have the flexibility to set their own price and margins.
Designed for partners who want to maintain relationship with merchants, DealerXpress is our automated reseller program

Partners can:
Set their own prices
Manage the sales process
Generate more profit streams through POS installation or card production

4 system upgrades per year, constantly updated with new features and help you remain cutting-edge.

Why Become a Givex Partner
Gift card and loyalty programs are in demand by virtually every business

Offer your clients an integrated gift card and loyalty solution using Givex as the back-end processor
$ You can make a great source of revenue doing it
4 different ways to become a partner
Designed for partners who prefer to have Givex manage the sales of our services to the merchant

If you know of a company or client who would benefit from Givex’s products and services, simply fill out a lead referral form

Givex pays commission fees for successful referrals
For more information and referral forms
Please Visit

From Transaction to
Customer Satisfaction
Vexilor Reseller Program
Designed for current POS distributors or resellers

Vexilor is the solution to expensive upgrades to legacy POS systems.

Users have the ability to change options, manage staff schedules, and update information in real-time and can do so remotely

Vexilor sales model is lease-based and includes
Regular software and hardware updates at no additional cost
Access to a whole new market (Cloud-based POS)

Vexilor resellers can set their own price points and margins

Additional revenue streams including set up, hardware costs, and service of Vexilor POS system
Resellers can receive Vexilor compatible hardware at a discounted rate, further increasing margins
DealerXpress Online Management Tool
Lead Referral Form

Partnership Opportunities with
Vexilor POS Tablet
White Label Administrator Portal
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