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Texting While Driving

No description

Nicole Forchielli

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Texting While Driving

By Nicole Forchielli, Shannon McMillan, Hope Andrascik At any moment,
200,000 Americans
will be
texting while
driving. Affirmative Presentation by Nicole Forchielli, Hope Andrascik and Shannon McMillan (People who do not want action taken) Takes away one's freedom to choose if he/she wants to use a cell phone in a vehicle
Many believe it will be difficult for law enforcement to know if someone is texting and driving Texting and driving completly distracts the driver by forcing him to take his eyes off the road
Texting and driving makes the vehicle and those around it 23 times more likely to be in an accident than a normal vehicle The avg. text message takes the driver's eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. 87% of teenagers have texted while driving. ALERT ACT Fines and/or 90 days jail time to drivers who text while driving. ADVOCATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Created federal highway funding cuts for states that do not adopt the act. Apps for the iPhone which disables texting while driving DRIVE SAFELY APP and TEXT PILOT APP Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks. Advocated by the Ad Council, Office of the State Attorney General & National Highway Traffic Administration. A campaign for safety on roads.
Used to curb the overconfidence of young drivers and show what it means to take one's eyes off the road Who are the Key Players? Federal Government
State Governments
Attorney General 95% of U.S. drivers recognize that texting while driving is unacceptable behavior. Drivers using hand held devices are 4 times more likely to get into fatal car crashes. Using a cellphone while driving delays reaction time as much as a blood alcohol level of .08%. Phone usage reduces 37% of brain activity associated with driving. Negative
(Why Texting while driving needs
to be controlled) C.A.P. TARGET State governments because each state should pass the ALERT Act with support from the Dept. of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Administration Why will our plan be successful? Our plan will be successful because: People will learn the dangers and how they are affecting not only themselves but everyone who is on the road.
They will learn practical ways to become safe like using the iPhone apps.
Everyone will learn the new penalties that come along with doing this harmful action WHO'S AFFECTED?

Any driver or passenger is affected by those who text while drive OUR CITIZEN ACTION PLAN BMW'S "DRIVE IT HOME" Campaign as part of the BMW Teen Driving School
Started in 2010 by the North America BMW President “DRIVE IT HOME – DON’T TXT & DRIVE campaign give us the opportunity to invest in our children, raising awareness about the risks of driving and helping them to develop lifelong safety habits.” DRIVE ASSIST Detects when the driver is on the road and manages call and texts automatically. Currently working on speech texting (Hands free texting) A bill to amend title 23 (1) prohibits, except in an emergency, an operator of a motor vehicle from writing, sending, or reading a text message using a hand-held mobile telephone (excluding as voice-activated device); and
(2) requires, upon conviction of a violation of such prohibition, the imposition of certain minimum penalties Created in 2009--Not yet passed. TEXTING WHILE DRIVING TEXTING & DRIVING GALLERY
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