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What Chemical Reactions Occur to Make Smoking Cigarettes Addictive?

Cigarettes cause hundreds of deaths each year, but why can't people stop smoking after they have began?

Nikole Simler

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of What Chemical Reactions Occur to Make Smoking Cigarettes Addictive?

nicotine causes a chemical reaction in the brain that release beta-endorphins that makes us feel good In 7-10 seconds inhaled smoke travels to the lungs,into the blood steam and into the smokers brain.
nicotine is similar to a neurotransmitters in the brain acetylcholine, messagers between nerve receptors, the nicotine attach to them & use them as a disguise to get into the brain & lead chemical reactions Niotine cause adrenaline to be released which causes increased heart rate and rapid and shallow breathing
Dopamine, a neutransmitter, is also released and causes a feeling of pleasure then the brain begins to crave this pleasure

Norepinephrine is a chemical that is released that causes a increased rush of alertness it can also increase a persons ability to concentrate and respond It also decreases the release of isulin from the pancreas causing them to have a slightly high blood sugar thus acting as an appetite supressant, and might make some think smoking reduces hunger smokers develop tolerance over time and can take in more and more nicotine without being sick WHAT CHEMICAL REACTIONS OCCUR TO MAKE CIGARETTES ADDICTIVE?
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