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Train the Trainer

No description

Karen Curran

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Train the Trainer

To gain an understanding of learning styles and how adults learn
To learn the basics of training facilitation

Learning Styles
Adult Learning Theory
Active vs. Passive Learning
What I hear I forget
What I see I remember
What I do I understand - Confucious
The Principles of Adult Learning
How to engage them in the learning process
Why is repetition so important?
Tips & Tricks
Train the Trainer
Learn by hearing and listening

Sit where they can hear
Accurately remember details
Strong language skills and well developed vocabulary
Learn by Seeing and looking

Benefit from illustrations &
Take copious notes
Like to see what they are learning
Learn by touching or doing

Need to be active and take frequent breaks
Uncomfortable without hands-on opportunities
Have difficulty recalling what was said or seen

to the experience of the learner
WIIFM - What's in it for me?
Learner is engaged in the learning process
The learning process itself should be..
Learner Centered
Focused on real world application
Role Playing
Procedural Demonstration
Case Studies
Problem Solving
Q & A
Buzz Groups**
5 times!!!!!
You MUST build repetition into your course
Relay key message
Discuss key message - through questioning, examples, etc
Review/repeat key message at end of segment
Ask "what are the key learnings" from this section/today*
Buzz groups - review/discuss with each other
Quiz on key message/learnings
What else?
1/2 hour without repetition = forget 42%
1 hr without repetition = forget 56%
7 days without repetition = forget 75%
Why is Repetition important?
The Ice Breaker
Helps participants relax (training should be fun!)
Participants learn about each other and become comfortable communicating with each other

Discussion = Repetition = Retention!
Key points only!
You are the authority, the expert-act accordingly
Build in time to talk and process (ice-breaker)
Let them know what to expect
CASE - Copy And Steal Everything
Have fun! Show passion! Enthusiasm is contagious!
Practice ! Practice! Practice!
*And put this course in your PDP!
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