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Thesis Statement

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Esteban Rodriguez

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis Statement?
A thesis statement is a short statement where you briefly state your position on the essay.

When writing a thesis a statement a few things to keep in mind are:
- The thesis statement must be consistently reflected throughout the entire essay.

-The thesis statement must be specific to the topic of the essay, and
should only cover what is discussed in the essay

-Has to be supported by specific reasons, examples, and evidence.

-You may revise the thesis statement if the topic of your essay changes.
Tips for writing a Thesis Statement
The first step for writing a thesis statement is know what type of essay you are writing.
The three basic types are:

Analytical papers break down an idea or issue
to evaluate its components, then present their evaluation to the reader.
As the title suggests an
explanatory essay simply explains topic to the reader
A persuasive essay makes
a claim that the writer justifies with specific information
in order to convince the reader that the claim is true.

Knowing the type of essay you are writing is essential because the information needed to support the
thesis statement differs for each one

Info needed for each thesis Statement
In an analytical essay the thesis statement should:
Explain the analysis
Discuss the challenges or issues that are involved

In an explanatory essay the thesis statement should:
Explain the subject and the topic sentences used.

In an argumentative essay the thesis statement should:
Present an argument and
support the claim with evidence

What is a Topic Sentence?
The topic sentence states the point you want to make about the subject, and
identifies the main idea of the paragraph

-Usually the topic sentence is the very first sentence, or somewhere at the beginning of the paragraph.

-Topic sentences are often used to support the thesis statement.
Three Things to Watch Out for
1.Be sure to choose an appropriate topic sentence that identifies the main idea and point of the paragraph.
You can check for this by reading the paragraph and think about its main idea and point

2. Make sure the supporting details are relevant, well developed, and explain the topic sentence.
Be sure to review the supporting details and the ideas they discuss

3.Avoid making the topic sentence too general or specific. If too general the paragraph may be too long, and may have to be divided. If too specific there may not be much to write about.
If either of these situations occur then edit the topic sentence
Drafting Topic Sentences
Example of a 5 paragraph format:
Topic Sentence and Thesis Statement
Review Questions:
1. Thesis statement and topic sentences are the same thing.

2.You can have multiple thesis statements.

3.The topic sentence and thesis statement have to be relevant.

4. You cannot change the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement
Topic Sentence
Thesis statement and topic sentence are not the same thing
Topic sentences state the point you want to make in each paragraph
Thesis statement states your position for the essay
You only need one thesis statement
You can have multiple topic sentences.
Not thesis statement
Topic sentences are used to support the thesis statement
The topic sentences must support your thesis statement
Both topic sentences and thesis statements are important because they guide the reader in what you're trying to explain.
Without that guidance the reader may become confused and not understand the point of the essay and what you're trying to explain.
Thesis Statement:
Texting is a negative influence in the English language
Point 1:
Forgetting grammar
Point 2:

Abbreviation of words
Point 3:

Replacing conventional

You can revise change thesis statement at any time if you feel that it does jot suite the topic sentence
After the thesis statement is decided choose the point subject for each body paragraph.

Each point will then be used for each paragraph, and then be turned into a topic sentence.
Once the points/main idea are chosen the next step would be to expand each idea into a sentence
Topic Sentence 1:
More and more students students are making grammatical mistakes because fall in the habit of texting
Topic Sentence 2:
Due to their habit of texting it has become more common for
students replace or abbreviate
words with texts
Topic Sentence 3:
Since texting has become a well practiced form of communication it is possible that it will change

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