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Cinci Recon

Stuff about the things we did learn.

David Spatholt

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Cinci Recon

DEGREDATION Transportation Existing Land Use References Water Drives Early Development The Railroad Rolls Through Shifting Modes to Roads Actors:
City of Cincinnati
Port of Greater Cincinnati
Development Authority
Community Councils
CSX Railroad
Norfolk Southern Railroad Existing Conditions Businesses Choose to Relocate
Businesses Choosing the Suburbs
Vacancies and Abandonment
Brownfields Fuelin' Urban Renewal The Nomadic Residents Mastering the Master Plan(s) 1948 Metropolitan Master Plan Official Plan of the City of Cincinnati (1925) Existing Conditions Low educational attainment.
Socio-economic segregation
High rates of unemployment and crime
Minimal civic engagement
Depreciating property values
Spatial mismatch Actors:
City of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Public Schools
Community Councils
United Way The 3 R's of Transit River Rail Road Existing Conditions Projects Congestion Connectivity Rail Road Bike Actors:
Community Councils
City of Cincinnati
Uptown Consortium
OKI History Natural Systems Urbanization and Flood Control Existing Conditions Loss of Natural Systems
EPA Studies Point and Non-point Pollution Loss of Species Water
Soil Actors:
Ohio EPA
Mill Creek Restoration Project
Cincinnati Parks Board
The Map Actors:
City of Cincinnati
Community Councils
Hillside Preservation Trust
Industrial and Commercial Property Owners
The Greater Cincinnati Port Authority
Railroads (CSX/NFS)
Cincinnati Parks Board Environmental
Justice 9 WPCO. "High Dropout Rates at 7 CPS Schools." October 30, 2007. http://www.wcpo.com/news/local/story/High-Dropout-Rates-At-7-CPS-High-Schools/81PYjKfYJkWQ3QomjCzaWA.cspx (accessed April 10, 2010).

Cai, Puchun (2003) A Critical Examination of Stormwater Runoff Management Techniques; The Mill Creek Watershed Case Study

City of Cincinnati. Camp Washington Industrial Area Plan. Plan, Cincinnati: City of Cincinnati, 2009.

City of Cincinnati Department of Community Development and Planning. Neighborhood Census Profiles. Cincinnati: City of Cincinnati, 2009.

City Planning Commission, Cincinnati. 1925. Official Plan of the City of Cincinnati.

City Planning Commission, Cincinnati. 1948. The Cincinnati Metropolitan Master Plan and Official City Plan of the City of Cincinnati.

Hedeen, Stanley. 1994. The Mill Creek: An Unnatural History of an Urban Stream. Cincinnati; Blue Heron Press.

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. November 2009. Coarse Evaluation Lower Mill Creek Watershed

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Division of Water. September 2004. Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Mill Creek Basin

Scranton, Philip. Diversified Industrialization and Economic Success: Understanding Cincinnati's Manufacturing Development, 1850-1925. Ohio Valley History: Spring 2005.

South Cumminsville Community United for Better Housing, Inc. South Cumminsville Community Improvement Plan. Plan, Cincinnati: City of Cincinnati.

The 06 Alliance. Walnut Hills: Vision 2010. Plan, Cincinnati: The 06 Alliance, 2001.

Urban Design Associates. 7 April 2010. (Draft) Revive Cincinnati: Neighborhoods of the Mill Creek Valley.

Working in Neighborhoods. The Crisis Next Door: A Study of Foreclosures in Hamilton County in 2008. Cincinnati: Working in Neighborhoods, 2009.
Aaron Olson
Alison Verba
Andrew Oehlerking
David Spathold
Felita Jordan
Jameshia Peterson
John Yung
Kevin Wright
Lauryn Alleva
Rebecca Gafvert
Sara Jo Shipley
Sean Holden
Tharini Jeyaparkash
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