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Copy of Copy of The Energy Bus Action Plan

No description

Kathy Brown

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of The Energy Bus Action Plan

The Energy Bus Action Plan

Step 2: Fuel Your Vision with Purpose
Your one word should FOCUS your goals for this year.


Serving, Drive, Joy, Grace, Power, Discipline, Focus
Step 1: Create Your Vision
Choose ONE WORD that will
identify and FOCUS your pursuits
in all aspects of your daily life.
Step 3: Write Down Your Vision/Purpose Statement
Write down a vision/purpose statement in
a 3-4 word sentence that incorporates your

Example: My goal for this year is to begin
each day
fully prepared.
Step 4: Focus on Your Vision
Step 5: Plan of Action
How are you going to live your word within the 10 rules of
The Energy Bus

Create a Plan of Action.


creating lesson plans 3 weeks in advance
reviewing & revising plans on Thursday afternoons
preparing materials for the following week on Thursday
Step 6: Get on the Bus...Gus!!
Identify who needs to be on the bus to help you with your action plan. One Word calls this your "stretch team."

Invite them on your bus!
Step 7: Fuel the Ride with Positive Energy & Enthusiasm
How can we be positive with students, educators, and others in our lives?

Random acts of kindness.
A kind note in someone's box.
A positive email.
Share your great ideas!
Know your students.
Comment on their achievements.
Display exceptional work.
Event + Perception = Outcome
Step 8: Post Signs that Say: "No Energy Vampires Allowed! "
No matter how cute they look,
don't let them on your bus!
Step 9: Navigate Adversity and Potholes
What can we learn from our mistakes?

How can we grow?

What opportunity does this challenge present to our school?

Use challenges to pave the road to success.
Step 10: Love Your Passengers
Step 11: Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!!
Visualize success for you and your team by constantly living your word each day!
Remember, you have only one ride through life, so give it all you've got and enjoy the ride.
1. Make time for them.

2. Listen to them.

3. Recognize them.

4. Serve them.

5. Bring out the best in them.
Positive people and positive teams produce positive results, and the essential ingredient is positive energy.

Everything happens for a reason. You can choose to look
at negative events as a curse or a gift.

YOU are the DRIVER of your bus.

No one but you can create a meaningful vision that will add purpose and fulfillment to your life.

It is essential to remember and focus on your wordthroughout the year. The stress and challenges of your live will cause you to forget your word if you let them. If your word is not at the top of your mind, it will be forgotten.
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