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Group 3: Use Skype in your classroom!

This is group 3's awesome presentation on how to utilize Skype in the classroom!

Thomas Poldo

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Group 3: Use Skype in your classroom!

The path to start using SKYPE!!!
What will I need to use Skype?
You will need...
A web cam
Skype can work on a variety of devices!
iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Computer, etc...
Skype can be what you make of it...

It's only as useful as YOU make it be...

Try it... see what experiences you can create for your students!!!
What is Skype?
It's a free video service with messaging and file sharing
(It does offer additional services for $$$)

A broadband
A computer or mobile
device with a microphone
and speakers or a headset
Skype in the classroom
There's more?!
Skype also allows the class to take virtual field trips to any place in the world! With this amazing video chat tool, you can visit anywhere in the world right from your classroom!
Click below and see how to integrate Skype into the classroom?
Skype as it relates to Connectivism and Social Constructivism
Skype allows up to 10 people to get together at once for a video call, allowing its users to collaborate with classmates and students in real time. This could be useful for a teacher teaching a small group, or for students to collaborate on a group project!
Skype's GroupMe!
Finally, relating to the topics of Social Constructivism and Connectivism, Skype also offers a function called GroupMe, allowing users to create a group chat-room to share documents, photos, each others’ locations and more, to communicate in real time, share ideas for projects and more!
Connectivism and Social Constructivism Cont.
Skype also allows for regular calls of up to 25 people, making a convenient and easy way to conduct conference calls between group members, students and more!
Create your password...
Your password is case sensitive (Capital letters and lower case matter)
Create your Skype name!
Let's get started!
Go to https.//login.skype.com/account/signup-form
How does Skype work?
Security Words?
What is this and why do I have to do this??!?!?!
Enter the security words displayed in the box. This is a requirement to make sure you are a real person...
How can the classroom benefit from using Skype?
Skype basically turns a computer into a telephone!
Skype uses the internet and converts voice and picture from your computer into data over the internet and converts it back so the other person's computer can see and hear you!
Enter your name and email address... the more info you add... the easier you will be to find!!!
Go to the next slide for hints on creating your Skype name...
This will be the name that everyone will use to find you. The easier it is... the easier it will be to find you...
It must be between 6-32 characters, must start with a letter and contain only letters and numbers (no spaces or special characters)
Warning!!! Once you have created your Skype Name you cannot change it!! Make sure you are happy with it!!!!
We will create your password next...
Rules of the password:
must be between 6 and 20 characters, and must contain at least one letter and one number
Skype can be used in the classroom in a number of different ways...
To start, you have the ability to chat with other classrooms, no matter where they are!
Click on this video...
Select download version...
Download the Skype version for your computer...
Sign in To Skype!!!
When your installation is complete... Skype opens to a
Welcome to Skype
screen...
No Emergency calls with Skype...
Up to 25 people in a Group call is Free
You must pay to make calls to landlines and mobile phones
Have fun
Hints on finding your way around Skype...
Menu Bar
: includes options that will help you get the most out of Skype
Status Bar
: can change your Skype status and access Skype home
Call Phones Bar
: displays the dial pad so you can call
Contact List:
contains your contacts and their status
list shows all of your from your Facebook account and shows if they are online
Recent List:
the recent conversations you've had in Skype
Contact summary:
the details of the contacts you've currently chatting to in Skype
Conversation window:
displays when you select a contact or setup group chat
Conversation box
displays when you select a contact or setup a group chat
Add a contact
lets you search for your friends and add them as contacts
Create a group
lets you create a group for teleconferencing or group video

Read the terms and conditions, then click...
I agree - Continue
follow the download instructions...
enter your Skype name and password...
Skype has been connecting classrooms K-12 with celebrities for 30-minute free presentations on Anti-Bullying, Motivation, Education, Internet Safety and other inspiring topics.
Offering a 15-minute talk and 15-minute Q&A with students.

Celebrities participating included:

Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)
Seth Godin (Poking the Box)
Cast of the forthcoming movie "Hunger Games"
Cast of the forthcoming movie "Disney's Oz"
And many other Nickelodeon and Disney Channel stars.
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