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Expository Writing Text Structures

No description

Katherine Bragg

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Expository Writing Text Structures

Expository Writing Text Structures
They give ways the IPads are the same then, give ways they are different.
Ad Hominem
Ad Hominem is an argument is a faulty logical argument in which a personal attack is made on your opponent instead of focusing on the argument
They give a problem about how a persons teeth are gaped. They give a solution on coming to the dental practice of Dr. Lynch
The people in this advertisement over exaggerated what was "wrong" with their car .
Stereotyping/Categorical Claim
They were trying to state that all blacks love fried chicken when most people know that some do not eat fried chicken at all.
The ad lists just some examples of ways kids would be abused.
Common placed Assertions
They are saying that milk is the best drink for you. Though milk is good for you, it is not scientifically proven the best.
1 to 2:02
The main idea of this advertisment is to show the year each barbie doll came out. They put in the year 1959 to the latest 1971. They let us know when the first barbie ad ame out on T.V. Some people like to collect dolls so they like t know when it was shown on T.V.
They are putting the commericals for barbie dolls in order from the first date to last.
The tone is INTERESTING because it shows you when the first barbie was shown on T.V.
I agree that the first barbie commerical aired on T.V in the year 1959 because they are old dolls that have been around for some time, entertaining kids that played with them.
The main idea is if you have a messed up smile then if you go to the dental practice of Dr.Lynch, they will fix your teeth. They want you to come and let them fix your teeth if they're messed up. They are trying to help you with your troubles if your teeth are discolored, crooked,or gapped.
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The main idea of this ad is to show how they thing something is wrong with their cars. The man is tired of people being so sarcastic. The people are saying that the window disappers and things like the car loses water. It is to show that the people that come in are getting on the machanics nerves so bad.
I do not agree that they can fix your smile with a machine because they can't do everything you want it to do.
The tone is PURSUASIVE because they are trying to get you to come to that specific dentist so they can fix your discolored, crooked, or gaped teeth.
Over Exaggeration
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I agree with this because we can take action and control our actions so there will be less people that drive drunk or domestic violence.
The main idea is that we need to stop doing things that can hurt us and other people. The people in this video are sad because of dumb choices the person that did that choice died.when you drink alcohol you can do dumb things like abuse a partner. Doing bad things can affect everyone around you.
They were saying if you drink and drive the effect will be you will most likely die from a car accident
The tone is aggravated because the people were being so annoying whenever they came in saying things like it loses water and the window disappered.
I agree that the people were really OVER EXAGGERATING because the mechanic was really annoyed.
The tone is sad because the video gives resons and the effect is what the outcome is what happens because of the cause.
I agree with this because that is a $200 dollar difference beween the IPad and The Kindle fire HD.
The tone is comparitive because one is better in price than the other one.
The main idea of this commercial is to pursuade you to buy the Kindle fire HD. They want you to buy theirs because they think the one they are selling is better. Even though there is a $200 difference there are people who think that the IPad is better than the Kindle fire HD. The price is not what matters, its the way the thing works.
I don't agree with this because I know some people that do not eat fried chicken.
The main idea of this is to say that ALL black people like fried chicken. Most people know that not all of them eat chicken at all. The man was so confused.The same man picked up a bucket of chicken and all the black people "attacked" him for the chicken.
The tone is judgemental because they unfairly place a group in one category.
I agree with this because kids are abused and neglected in some of those ways like shown.
The tone is concerned because it gives was kids are treated and it seems like they want it stopped.
The main idea is that abuse comes in different ways or forms. The director of this really wants abuse to stop. Its describing that kids are neglected and abused. It shows and says some ways that kids and partners are hurt or have no social status.
I don't agree with this because its not scientifically proven the best drink to stay healthy.
The main idea is to make you think milk is the best drink for you.They want people to get milk because they think it is the best. They also most likely want more people to buy it so they can raise the price. Though milk is not scientifically proven the best it is still good for you to drink so it strengthes your bones.
The tone is educational because it says that milk has got more nutrition in every pour.
"Kindle Fire HD vs IPad - Screen Comparison - Commercial." YouTube. YouTube, 03 Feb. 2013. Web. 10 Nov. 2013.
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I do not agree with this because you do not know which competitor they are comparing.
The main idea is comparive because they think that Geico is better than the other. The couple was shocked when he asked if it was their first taste test. The man was trying to get them to go to Geico. The couple wasalso very convinced that the x drink was better because it was sweet while the other was bitter.
The tone is competitive because they want you to join them and not the competitor.
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