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#iTDi - Learning To Go

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Bruno Andrade

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of #iTDi - Learning To Go

Tellagami is an awesome app. You should try it! :)
The second activity was suggested for our Language Learning To Go session of the course. Having sts explore an app such as Tellagami is truly empowering. They can come up with productions you would never expect. I asked my sts to create a Virtual Tour Guide for our annual excursion. They had a lot of fun and could practice their language skills in a beautiful way.
Activity 2: A Tour Guide
My Teaching Situation
I teach mostly kids and teens (plus only a group of adult learners). That's the age bracket I find it more challenging yet rewarding. I teach English as a Foreign Language and I have 6 groups. Students ages range from 8 to 18 years old. I like to try technology in every possible way to enhance their learning, participation and proficiency. We have an Interactive Whiteboard with open access to the internet (limited to downloading softwares such as Skype which can be done through requesting it to your supervisor) . We are also fortunate to have a class set of 20 iPads for each branch of our institution.
Activity 1: Voiceover It!
Taken from the suggestion of creating videos for learning, I thought of creating a class activity in which students would create a new version of a video snippet. It could be a viral video or a regular cartoon one such as Dora The Explorer or Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Sts would have to use their mobile devices (phones/tablets) and put their voice over the original video. This way they would be practicing their digital skills, creativity and language skills.
Activity 3: Chattepix
Working with Chatterpix we can ask our students to analyze what certain objects would say if they had been given the power of speech. That can make them really think critically about waste, dump and ultimately their impact on the environment.

Have them walk around and be critical about the placement of objects in your schools. e.g Why is there an open wastebasket in the yard?
Let them photograph this enviromental nuisances and using Chattepix they can add voice to these objects.
a course with Shelly Terrell
#iTDi - Learning To Go
These activities have been adapted from activities that a group of EdTech Consultants at Cultura Inglesa (me included) have written for the implementation of the iPad Project. The activities have a strong critical element and a visible sense of empowerment and authorship. That's the reaso why I chose them.

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