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Jared Atwell

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of China-Imperialism

China in the Age of Imperialism Historic culture Imperialism in China
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Tried to keep China in Isolation from the West
China considered all foreign countries to be Inferior
All foreign countries had to pay Tribute to China in order to visit (Give Gifts)
Tea, Silk, Chinaware, Coal, Tin attracted Western Powers

China and &Foreign Trade
Chinese viewed trade as a privilege given to foreigners, not a Right
Therefore they allowed trade in one Chinese city only--Canton (Guangzhou)
Strict rules were in place "No need for the products of Foreign Barbarians"
Europeans were spending mass amounts of silver on Chinese Products (Silk, Tea), with nothing to sell to the Chinese.
Finally the Europeans found something!! Opium Was it illegal?
YES-but Profitable
Chinese Merchants would take bribes to look the other way.
Harmful to China in 2 ways:
China's society became addicted
Drained the Chinese treasury
The Emperor Cracks down:
1839- campaign to stop the opium trade
Sends Lin Zexu to end the trade
Check out Lin's letter to Queen Victoria

The Chinese Confiscate 20,000 chests of Opium
British Merchants demand that their Queen do something Opium Wars (1839-1842)

British Navy vs. Chinese Treaty Of Nanjing (1842)
Ends the Tributary system of trading
trade Relationship is immensely changed
Britain has the right to trade in 5 treaty Ports
Foreigners accused and convicted of crimes will be tried and sentenced under their own country's laws, not CHinese laws. {Extraterritoriality}
The island of Hong Kong is taken under British control
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