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Video Marketing: 10 Steps

My presentation on online video marketing for DFW Search Engine Marketing organization.

Pelpina Trip

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Video Marketing: 10 Steps

Video Marketing 1. Start with a good video. 2. Research Google/YouTube 3. Title/Tags/Description 4. Custom Thumbnails "You can only optimize something so far. If you don't have good content, it doesn't matter." Jeremy Vest - Which videos were made on this topic?
- Which ones are popular, and why?
- What kind of keywords/tags show up?
- What related videos show up? Duh. Stepping Stones My heros:
reelseo.com - Always measure and analyze your success.
- Keep a document with statistics on your own channel + competitors
- Keep improving.
- Experiment when you can.
- Always put your customers/viewers first. 10. Constantly Analyze
Strategy - Playlists = TV channels (sort of)
- Put similar content in a playlist, even from competitors
- Be associated with videos you want to be associated with
- Ask viewers to create playlists 8. Community &
social media - Every day 500 years of video material is watched on Facebook
- Every minute, 700 videos are shared on Twitter
- With every tweet, a video gets 6 new views on average 7. Interaction!! - Before you start shooting,
think of a call to action.
- Use YouTube annotations.
- Encourage viewers to click ‘like.’
- Give a reason to subscribe.
- Use annotations: link to your videos/playlists
- Encourage viewers to leave a comment! 9. Work Together Work with similar content creators,
share your audience.

“Find someone a little bigger than you. Start small, grow your own network and fanbase and make your videos good enough so people want to share it.” David Harms. 1. People have problems. They go online to fix them.
2. Prioritize content over quantity.
3. Money follows passion. (David Garland) 3 things... Pelpina Trip (@pelpina) 'Watch time'
'views' "We focus on those that increase the amount of
time that the viewer will spend watching videos
on YouTube, not only on the next view,
but also successive views thereafter.” I wanna click you! vs. 5. Schedule/Frequency In order to get a regular audience,
you need to post content regularly. 6. Playlists. "They want to know, do you hear me? Do you see me? Does what I say mean anything to you?" - Oprah Winfrey
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