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No description

Stefan Liccardi

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Washington

Washington DC
Travel Plan

We take a limosine from home to Copenhagen airport.
12:20 am: depature from copenhagen airport to Washington DC
3:00 pm: arival at washington airport.
Direct drive to hotel Hay Adams and check in.
Food n relaxing at the hotel an local area.
Hotel Hay - Adams
The White House
Hotel hays Washington DC
is a Luxury hotel located in Washington DC it is a member of the leading hotel of the world, only the fines five star hotels will be accepted.
No need to act civilized
Limosine Sevice
Lincoln Memorial
Price of each limosine
19.000 € = 141.679 DKK
10 juli
The following days:
Wisit lincon memorial
Wisit the white house
Wisti korea war vetrans memorial
11-13 juli
Departurre from washington to cobenhagen 5,15 pm
14 juli
John F. Kennedy Center
for the Performing Arts.

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Washington Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Korean War Veterans Memorial
White House
The Korean War Veteran Memorials is a Memorial, for the Korean War Veterans who served in the Korean War.
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Hay-Adams Hotel
Greetings from

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