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V for Vendetta vs 1984 Characters

No description

Christine Patrikian

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of V for Vendetta vs 1984 Characters

by: Christine Patrikian V for Vendetta vs 1984 V: The Character V knows that he wants the government to be overthrown and he is determined to change things. He kills and leaves his mark as a powerful statement. V hides all of his thoughts from the government, much like Winston, but throughout the story he remains fearless, unlike characters in 1984 that are broken by the party. Even while being shot to death, V stood strong and kept fighting. V for Vendetta
Characters Winston: This character is interested in rebellion throughout the story but keeps that hidden and is constantly afraid of being caught by the thought police. He is similar to V since he is always rebelling but Winston keeps more to himself whereas V is more open and wants his rebellion to be noticed. Winston struggles to find an opinion till the very end but the characters in V for Vendetta seem more sure of their opinions. V for Vendetta Characters Evey Hammond: She knows there is a problem with the current government but is originally afraid to stand up to them. Evey is more secretive with her rebellion like the characters in 1984 are. Later in the story, V teaches her how to be fearless by trapping her in a fake concentration camp where he hurts her till finally threatening to kill her. At that point she finally stands up to the "government" and is released back to V as a changed person, much like Winston and Julia. 1984
Characters V for Vendetta vs 1984
Gender Roles In V for Vendetta, women tend to be treated equally to men whereas in 1984, although it is not directly stated, women seem to not have total equality. In 1984, women are seen as sex objects or baby carriers and that is it. V for Vendetta can only compare because when it shows the board of men like the "inner party" of 1984, it is all men, which may show that women are not considered smart enough to be in such high authority.
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