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8 Steps to make money through #Personal_Branding!

Simple clear steps how to build your personal brand online and start making "some" money, worth trying! :)

Fady Aziz

on 15 July 2018

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Transcript of 8 Steps to make money through #Personal_Branding!

You Should be the
Trustworthy Expert
First, find your internal passion and start doing it (if you dont already)

Whatever you do, do it at best!

Grow it, very frequent, very regular, very serious

Focus on the people surrounding you, it affects you much more than you imagine.
Step 1: Discover the "Expert inside"
In our fast-paced daily life sometimes we drop that!

Arabs read an average of 6 minutes a year (Reuters)!

Imagine the shifting to the "Knowledge economy"

Make it a habit and spread it to your networks,
dont rush into daily Coffee
Step 2: Read, Read & Read
Whenever you get the opportunity, speak in public and share your expertise
Step 6: Deliver a speech, like this one :)
The Aswan "blogger-to-be" test, January 2015
Step 3: Create Stories, visually when possible
Fady Ramzy, InsideOut Today CEO
Step 4: Play social media, BUT non-traditional
Step 5: Help, online & offline
Share your experience

Thank people for their feedback/comments

Write recommendations

Write tips & reviews

Donate your time

Build your Professional network
Step 7: Use linkedin, on daily basis!
8 Steps to make money through #Personal_Branding!
Lets jump in!
But remember . . .
What happens on the internet, remains there!
Let me challenge you & we take it serious :)
Worth reading: Mashable, Techcrunch, The Verge, The Next Web, Wamda and many others!
A family vacation to Aswan turns into first visual story telling trip!

Uploaded photos to facebook, instagram & pinterest

Videos over instagram

Foursquare check-ins, tips & list

And ..... A
blog post
Result was a surprise!
This is a
heavy duty
job, not as easy as you though!
Its about creating the right value
At the very
right time
"Talk" online, dont "post" or "tweet" .... its about "conversations!"
Story from
Story from Sharm!
A startup is born in Cairo!
A travel destination is born
Step 8: Use VIDEO!
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