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deandre hudson

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of denmark

denmark History the earlist finding in denmark date back to 130,000-110,000 BC in the eeminterglacial period.

Culure Musica:Denmark has long been a center of innovation. Copen hagen and its mtiple outlying island have awide range of folkice tradtion.
Geography My country is conteis to graman close to swend. Goverment Denmark gets most of its good from garmany. Denmark tride to control of skane in the scanin war (1675-79), buted in failuer. Following the grerat northen war (1700-21), Denmark managed to resored contoral of the part of schlewing and. Holstein ruled by the house of Holseten got top in 1721 and 1773, respectivy.

Saxo Grammaisas, nomarly considered the fsrt Danish write, Worke for bishop Abslon on achronice of Danish history(Gesta Danorum). The most poplution in Denmark is kingdome of Denmark,poplution 5,641,o99. Hans christioan Andrsen is know beyond denmark for his fairytales,The little Mermaid,and the ulgy dukling and the Empor's new cloyhes. Danish open sand wich (smorrebrode) Ebleskiler,danish chrismas. According to offcail statisicail from Janury 2010,80:9% of the population of Denmark are mambers of the Lutheran state church, the Danish national church.(dendanke Folkekier) down 90% compared to the year zailen and 12% down compared to ywo yaers eairl, wich is the states relgion estabilishes by the consution.

Flat land and it has a frost. The capittle of my counrty is copenhagen. The winters are not partiular cold,with mean tempeatres in janury and freury ofo. 0c%,and the summer are cool,with ameran tem petura in augest of 15.7%0c.
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