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1920's Fashion

No description

Dashianna Smith

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of 1920's Fashion

1920's Fashion
Words & Quotes
Who Influenced Fashions
What was the prominent Silhouette?
Slim and Youthful
What colors were popular
What textiles were used?
Cotton, Wool, & Silk
What movies are representative of the time?
"Attagirl/Attaboy": Well Done.
"Bump Off": Kill or Murder
"On the lam": Fleeing from the police
"Dick": Private Investigators
Who were designers or labels?
Light Pink
Delft Blue
What clothing parallels can be made to other time periods?
CoCo Chanel
Elsa Schiaparelli
Historical Events
Harlem Renaissance Begins
First Commercial Radio Broadcast Aired •Women Granted the Right to Vote in U.S.
1. Who was an influence on fashion during this time period ?
A. CoCo Chanel
B.Elsa Schiaparelli
C. Madeleine Vionett
D. All of the above
2.What historical even occured ?
A.Women Granted the Right to Vote in U.S.
B. French and Indian War
C. Civil Rights Movement
3. What was a movie represented this time?
A. The Big Parade
B. Hang Over 2
C. Phantom of the Oper
D. Both A and C
4. What was one of the famous labels?
A. Chanel
B. Gucci
5. What textiles were used ?
A. Velvet
B. Leather
C. Silk
The flapper dress, which is used in the new verion of The Great Gatsby
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