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My Possible Pathways

No description

Lauren Eccles

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of My Possible Pathways

Pathway #1: Teacher
For my postsecondary education I will attend Wilfred Laurier University and I will be taking a concurrent teaching program in Brantford. The program is four years. Or I could get my undergraduate degree at Laurier, a four year program and then continue on to teachers college for a two year program.
Pathway #2: Social Worker
My goal is to attend McGill University and get my degree in Social Work. It is a four year program at the university. To achieve this goal I will work hard in secondary school in order to be accepted into this university and I will receive scholarships in order to aid my financial duties to attend this school.
Next Steps
After I receive my degree in Social Work I will work as an intern at a Social Working company to learn more about the actual work and how to handle certain situations.
After my schooling and internship I will apply for a job as a Social Worker in Hanover and surrounding areas. I would like to live in my home town.
Steps to achieve this goal
I will maintain an above 80% average throughout secondary school. In the future I may take a co-op in high-school with a class. My goal is to receive scholarships to help my financial part of attending university.
Next Steps
After attending university my plan is to return to Hanover and find a job as a French Immersion teacher at an elementary school. I love working with children and I would liket o help them become smarter and more mature.
My Possible Pathways
Pathway #3: Accountant
My first steps to becoming an accountant is taking the proper courses in secondary school such as: all the required math courses, accounting and calculus. I believe that I am very good at math and it is one of my strongest subjects. I love taking math and it would be enjoyable to do it as a living.
Achieving This Goal:
To achieve this goal I will attend Wilfred Laurier University and receive an undergraduate degree of Business and throughout the four years of school, I will major in accounting. In highschool I will receive scholarships in mathematics in order to receive financial aid to attent Laurier.
Next Steps
While attending university, I will take a co-op course and go to an accounting business and learn more about being an accounting and all of their duties and situations that they must handle everyday. After my four years of university I will apply at an accounting business and become an accountant.
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