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Lester B. Pearson

No description

Maryam Khan

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Lester B. Pearson

Lester B. Pearson
Background Info /Quest
Heroic Characteristics
Lester B. Pearson had many goals and acomplishments and a majority of them were for Canada. His greatest accomplishment was before he became Prime Minister when he gave Canada the reputation of a peacekeeping country. He has introduced a lot of positive changes toward the Canadian community. Some changes he made were the Universal Health Care, student loans, bilingualism, Canadian Pension Plan, and he also discovered the Canadian flag. Lester also started a number of royal commissions, made a status for women, and attempted to stop discrimination by race-free immigration. Lester has achieved a lot and we Canadians still remember him as one of the greatest heroes of Canada.
Lester B. Pearson had a vision to find world peace. He wanted to become the Prime Minister and he wanted to achieve success. At the age of 16, he studied at the University of Toronto. In the middle of his studies, he volunteered to serve in the hospital for World War 1. Soon, when he was old enough, he was transferred to Royal Flying Corps. During his first solo flight he crashed his plane and returned home. Lester recovered and completed University. Lester was teaching history at the University of Toronto, when he was offered a scholarship at the University of Oxford. He joined the Canadian foreign service in 1928 and became first secretary in the Department of External Affairs. He gave up his teaching career and started his long career as a diplomat and civil servant. This is how Lester's political career started off, which led him to do great things for Canada. This also shows that he demonstrates a lot of heroic features.
Lester B.Pearson
Lester was assisted by John Diefenbaker. John Diefenbaker assisted Lester in becoming the Prime Minister of Canada when the former Prime Minister had retired. Lester wouldn't have even thought about becoming the Prime Minister and wouldn't have made a huge impact on Canada if it weren't for John Diefenbaker.

In 1948, Lester was elected into the parliament. He helped solve the Suez Crisis and this earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. He was the ambassador of the United States from 1945-46. Lester led the Liberals to a minority government in 1963 at a general election and became the Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968. Lester never had a majority in the Canadian house of commons and this was a bit of a challenge for him. He helped create legal equality for women and this had a great impact on his reputation. After, he signed the Canadian- U.S automotive agreement in 1965 which caused Canadian un-employment to fall to it's lowest rate in over a decade.
: Lester is trustworthy because his intensions were positive when he was making decisions for Canada.
: He is responsible because he had to take care of a whole country when he was elected into the parliament.

: He was respected because he became the Prime Minister and he was well known for his achievements.
: Lester volunteered to serve in World War 1 and he also enforced world peace. This was a great act of citizenship.
: He was fair to everyone by creating equal rights.
: He was caring because he acknowledged that everyone deserved rights.
Lester at the Royal Flying Corps
He won the Nobel Peace Prize
To this day, Lester is still remebered by Canadians
Lester B. Pearson High School
Pearson Airport
By: Maryam
Lester has provided Canadians with Universal Health Care,
Student Loans,
The Canadian Pension Plan, and

The Canadian Flag
R.I.P Lester B. Pearson,
an inspiring Canadian Hero
My Opinion
In my opinion, Lester B. Pearson is definatley a hero because he has all the characteristics of an average hero. Lester is the most determined person I've researched about so far. He is eager to reach his destination of world peace and he does not give up. He is also caring to aknowledge the people who don't have rights and to make sure that
they have equal rights, so no one is treated unfairly. He is also very intelligent because he got a scholarship at the University of Oxford thanks to his incredible skills. Lester is very selfless because he is devoted to his goal of making a positive change in Canada. These are some charcteristics that Lester displays and this proves that he is truly a hero.
Lester had many rewards he recieved (both tangible and non-tangible) for his astonishing achievements. One tangible reward Lester has recieved would be the Nobel Peace Prize he earned by solving the Suez Crisis. Some non-tangible rewards Lester has recieved would be the honor of being known as the most influential person in the 21st century, the great pride he felt in looking back at the things had accomplished, and finally, the contentment of the changes he made in order to make Canada a better place for other people. Lester retired with satisfaction, knowing that he had done well. He lived a normal life after his retirement with his wife and two lovely children.
Courage and Compassion- Rona Arato
The Book of Canadians- Carlotta Hacker
The Prime Ministers of Canada- Christopher Ondaatje
Thanks For Watching!
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