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Course 0809 Welcome

Welcome brief for 0809 by Jug

marco rugg

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Course 0809 Welcome

course 0905/0906 welcome Course director 0905:
marco "jug" ruggeri
Course director 0906:
Riel "guns" erickson
caf introduction me you 419 sqn personnell Different experiences different lessons learned in the past Different techniques and "top tips" Students VS. Trainees Multinational SCHEDULE CO Welcome Brief“Moose”
CD Welcome Brief + TourCD
AdminBrief CC, Admin Asst, CD
IST David Lamb
FTD BriefMr. Trynchuk today S:\Student_common\419th IPs background booklet from tomorrow Check the schedule regularly
flt pro, e-mail, phone (780-840-8000 ext.4909)
Ground School (preview all material to be ready for all the briefs you'll have)
Hitting the flight line (be ready for every possible next event) Introduce yourself to the Sqn at the first AOM Maj and above use "Sir" Officer development Admin Brief:
Joining Instructions
Admin issues and instructions (i.e. next of kin, emergency notification, in-clearance forms, base & GRA passes, etc)
Kit shop (nametags, sqn badges, t-shirts…)
Officers Mess
Accommodation issues
Transportation issues
Miscellaneous issues
Meet and Greet Formal introduction of your course to the Sqn, most likely to coincide with the senior course Graduation.
Each student to provide:
Mynarski fact, or any 419 History trivia
Joke (better be a good one!)
Free beer and pizza
Xmas party Course conduct Secondary Duties Course Senior Student
Course Deputy Senior Student
AST Planning Room Officer
Briefing Room Monitor
Course Entertainment Officer
Food Accommodation Officer
Course Environment Officer
Course Diary officer
Course Vehicle Officer
Leave: none during course unless exceptional circumstances
Leave pass for weekend travel (location + contact numbers)
Personal problems: (CD), SNR
Chain of Command
- CD, Flt Cmdr, DCO, CO
Sexual Harassment
Schedule – Stand by for changes, help each other
If leaving during the day for ADMIN on base etc. be cleared first by DOS, and put your contact info on the board in OPS.
Duty Student
STF – Build it yourself, if not done yet
Student Air Hours and scores
Typhoon\Student Air Hours Cse 0809
Student crew room
Sick (at home), Grounded, or DNIF:
Respect to staff, use of callsigns
DND vehicles ust be kept clean/respectable, Absolutely NO alcohol, DND (404) driving course
Dress regulations

The CD should know where each of his student is at any given time during the course (including weekends, nights, etc). Contact numbers need to be correct, cell phones need to be on and charged at all times. Example UK student grandfather died on a Saturday, and he could not be found until Monday morning – NOT DONE!!!
NO FLIGHT TICKETS MUST BE BOOKED BEFORE HAVING A SIGNED AND APPROVED LEAVE PASS!!!! The Sqn will not be responsible for financial losses. The earlier you request leave, the better the chances that it will be approved, however, there is no guarantee. Same with homebound tickets after graduation, student should not book ticket until course completed!
Emphasize that many solutions are available on base (i.e. medical, social worker, financial advisor, psychological help, etc.) for no charge and completely discreet. However, they need to let someone (SNR, CD) know so that the schedule can be adjusted accordingly. Don’t try to fix personal problems by yourself, the schedulers have no mercy!
Sexual harassment. It is very easy in Cold Lake to get involved in a sexual harassment investigation!!! The wrong comment at the wrong time to some female at North 54 or Legends has been enough to get students into serious trouble. Be careful, drink responsibly!!!! Dress regulations. Here are the formal Canadian rules:
Head Dress - The 419 parking lot is a no-head-dress area. However, as soon as you leave 419 Sqn area, head dress is mandatory. Use national regulations. For Canadians this means wedge or BLUE toques (not green!). 419 Sqn toques and ball caps are only allowed on the flight line.
Zippers and sleeves – Sleeves shall neither be rolled nor pushed up. Front main zipper shall be no lower than the bottom of the name tag. All other zippers shall be closed at all times.
ground school “Where to find Study material”
EKQ (open closed 100)
4 Exams - 85 pass mark
Recce test - 85 pass mark
Assigned briefing items from list N:\Student_common\Bad Weather Brief Allocations
Be prepared by end of ground school
flying Course overview
Phases (CH, BFM, ACM, AI, LLAT, AW, AST)
Phase Flow: Self study Ground School (CBT’s) Phase brief FTD(s) Exam review + exam Flying sorties
FTD and Phase Brief to be completed prior flying
Be prepared for next phase or phases if the next phase is short
EFTD and IF approach monthly
mission preparation Read MFT/TOP, Phase Brief and, time permitting, the FIG (See 419 Master Reference on BI drive).
Know the Aim, Objectives and Training Rules
Prepare Data Card, Weather and NOTAMS are to be minimized on the screen.
Be on time for brief.
Drinking rules
Air sickness
Inform CD
High-G training completed?
Waiver required if not
WET dinghy drill current? admin end of course course critique To be presented to CD and Trg O just before or after Graduation;
Should highlight both positive and negative experiences;
Should any discrepancies between IP’s, regarding techniques, procedures, top tips, etc. occur, bring them IMMEDIATELY to the CD’s (or D/TrgO, TrgO) attention, don’t wait until writing the critique.
miscellaneous Sports
Course Project
Allocated at GRAD
Talk to the Senior Courses...
CF Trainees are to go to 410 Sqn and be measured in order to give the system enough time to acquire the required material for the following OTU.

For CF Trainees it is emphasized that passing this course does not automatically mean a slot at 410 SQN for the CF-18 conversion.
In addition to the NFTC PH IV Course Standard, all CF candidates must meet minimum performance criteria in order to be considered suitable for further training as a CF fighter pilot.
Any CF candidate that does not meet these minimums will be subject to a selection board following completion of the NFTC PH IV syllabus.
The board’s recommendations can be:
De-selection from further fighter pilot training;
NFTC PH III Instructional tour followed by FPC; or
Continuation of further fighter pilot training. contact info Capt marco "jug" ruggeri
Work phone 4967 (840-8000)
home 639-4454
Cell 813-0247

WORK PHONE 4905 (840-8000)
HOME 639-3950
CELL 813-1130

OPS Desk: 7073
Schedule: 4909
Orderly room: 4926
Sqn Fax: (780) 840-7442
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