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international Business AND tRAVEL

No description

Marihah Farook

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of international Business AND tRAVEL

Havana, Cuba
& Culture

: Spanish is the official language, although English is widely spoken.

Adequate Conversation Topic:
Travel and family.

Actions to avoid:
Discussions about politics, which can be a minefield.

Business Woman:
Male dominated society, where women are’t commonly seen in
positions of power and authority. Proceed slowly and present
yourself as representing your company rather than yourself.
Common greeting:
Shaking hands is common for both men and women. Friends may
kiss on the cheek. Be formal at first and don’t use first names
unless invited to do so.

Personal space:
Physical contact is common among friends. However, it is not
customary to be touched by strangers, including seemingly friendly
pats on the back.

Eye contact:

Approach to time:
Not unusual for Cubans to keep people waiting for +1 hours for a
Culture & Economic Conditions
Currency: Cuban-Peso (CUP)

Planned Economy
Run by a dominated by state-run enterprises
Most industries run/operated by the government
Labour force employed by the state
Trade with Canada
Week 1: buSiness
Canada and Cuba have a well-established, significant, and growing commercial and investment relationship
Currently, Canada is helping support the process of economic modernization undertaken by the Cuban Government
Canada's Imports:
Identified product type, remainder under "special transactions"
Cuba's Imports:
Predominantly manufactured goods, as well as produce & grain products
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