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Summer Reading in a Juvenile Justice Facility

No description

Vanessa Thorrington

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Summer Reading in a Juvenile Justice Facility

Problem Participants Methods Results What's Summer Reading Instruction in a
Juvenile Justice Setting Lots of research on reading instruction Title One $ pays for reading teacher and materials 106 89 Mean age=16.49
68% in grades 9&10 48% black
12% Hispanic
40% White 40% ESE
20% EBD
10% SLD low reading ability juvenile delinquency even lower reading level During summer 51 students enrolled in reading
1. Direct instruction, Guided practice, Vocabulary
2. Literature instruction, Independent reading

BASI test given upon entry and exit to program
spread sheet kept of scores
scores analyzed for significant gains by summer instruction received, additional comparisons:
1. exceptionality
2. race not significant
due to numbers Hispanic students showed the most gains *29 EBD students NOT in summer reading instruction= -3.7
*9 EBD students in summer reading showed no gains or minimal losses (.1) Worth Mentioning testing time frames DI/GP/V- all boys
LI/IR- boys and girls
* girls lower offense level=less time in facility Summer instruction in acadmics Data collection More research use teachers already in school
involve male and female
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