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Trinity and Mallory

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of Trinity and Mallory

Nicky Bacon
Nicky bacon took charge of 2 platoons when both squad leaders of platoon one and two were down. He immediately lead his soldiers forward into an assault. The 1st platoon leader was wounded by a machine gun so he assaulted the hostile gun position, and killed more than 4 enemy's . This shows courage because he went head to head in battle
Compare and Contrast

medal of honor
Trinity and Mallory
John was in war when multiple of his squad members were down. There were only two people left in his squad. He grabbed the guns and fired away. Killing multiple enemy's. This shows valor because he thought quick and was willing to die for America.
John Basilone

NICKY BACON John Basilon VIETNAM World War 2 DIED IN 2010 Died in action
8 SIBLINGS 9 siblings
ENLISTED 1964 Enlisted 1934

1. Both born in November
2. Enlisted when 17
3. High school dropouts
4. Infantry regiment
5. Both sergeants

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