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Conflict: Internal and External

Internal and External Conflict

Laura Collins-Sawicki

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Conflict: Internal and External


There are two different categories that conflict may fall into...


Internal conflicts are known as "man vs. self." This means the problem lies within a character.
Who is the "man?" What is his struggle?
External conflicts are struggles that a character has with anyone/thing outside of the character. There are 4 different types.
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Nature
In a Man vs. Man conflict, two or more characters (not just men!) are involved in a struggle.
Who are the "men?" What is their struggle?
In a Man vs. Society conflict, a character struggles against the ideals of his community. Examples: the government, a large group of people, or popular opinion.
Who is the "man?" What idea of society is he struggling against?
In a Man vs. Nature conflict, a character struggles against natural forces or disasters.
Who are the "men?" What force of nature are they struggling against?
Man vs. Supernatural
In a Man vs. Supernatural conflict, a character faces forces that he cannot control or understand. This can include gods, witches, ghosts, or any other paranormal being.
Who is the "man?" What makes it paranormal?
Test yourself
In the following clips, try to identify and explain they primary conflict. It could be:
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Supernatural
Man vs. Self

Using one of the 5 different types of conflict, create an example and describe the scenario. Be sure to state who is your "man" and what is that "man" struggling against?
March 12, 2015
Accelerated English
Objective: Students will analyze conflict situations IOT differentiate between the five types of conflict
Warm up:
As she walked down the aisle, her palms were sweaty and clammy. She paused midway and swayed slightly, but regained her balance. She reached the end, let go of her father's arm and let him lift off her veil.

What can you INFER from the scenario above?
How do you know? Cite phrases from above.
Let's revisit our OBJECTIVE!
Objective: Students will analyze
conflict situations IOT differentiate
between the five types of conflict
Mrs. Collins-Sawicki feels very strongly about taking care of the environment:
* She reuses things
* She composts her orange peels
* She recycles everything that she can
* She has written to her local Councilman asking for more recycling programs in Baltimore County.

Is this INTERNAL or EXTERNAL conflict?
Who is the "man?"
What is she struggling against?
At school, you are walking to 2nd period and your friend catches you and says he's going to Speedy Mart to grab a snack. You know you have a substitute teacher for 2nd period, and you'll definitely be back in time for 3rd period. You have to decide what to do right now because you just heard the late bell.

Is this INTERNAL or EXTERNAL conflict?
Who is the "man?"
What is s/he struggling against?
HSA-Style Closer:
Two girls argue over the last pair of shoes at a formal wear store.
This is an example of which category of external conflict:
A. Man v. Nature
B. Man v. Supernatural
C. Man v. Man
D. Man v. Self
Right Now!
In groups of 2-3, you will complete Conflict Stations. Please follow the directions on your graphic organizer and I will be around to assist.
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