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Life as a Samurai

No description

Meghana Kolanu

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Life as a Samurai

Life as a Samurai

By: Meghana K., Bhargavi K., and Nicole D.

Samurai were previously tax collectors who turned into professional warriors. They served for a daimyo, powerful lords, and a shogun. These warriors protected them and their property. Samurai were born into their class and had no other choice, but to become a Samurai.
Weapons and Armor
Samurai gained their swords at the age of 13. Their swords were their primary weapons when fighting against the enemy. The katana, soul of the Samurai, was the largest sword that they depended on. However, the Tanto was the smallest. In military training Samurai practiced horseback riding, martial arts, and archery. It takes many years for Samurai to become a master at sword handling. Instead of wearing heavy armor like other armies, Samurai wore light armor.
Importance of Bushido
The Bushido was the code of honor and morals followed by the Japanese samurai. This code of conduct is the base of Japanese society. As a Samurai it is more important to die an honorable death, than to live a dishonorable life. Bushido literally means the way of the warrior.
Training and Education
Japanese culture and its influence
The samurai were influenced by many parts in Japanese culture.They wrote and read poetry, and before performing ritual suicide they wrote a poem. They also did Ikebana, the act of arranging flowers. Ikebana was regarded as a martial art, because it soothed the mind. Unlike other cultures, women were respected as samurai. Though this is true, a samurai slept with his sword because he didn't trust his wife.
Samurai warriors not only practiced sword fighting, but they also had to prepare the mind. They spent hours meditating in order to be calm and ready for battle. Instead of being a coward they had to fight knowing the fact that they might die in battle.
Samurai were like cherry blossoms because we never know when they might die off.
Decline of Samurai
Want to watch the video? Click on this link.
Video link
Watch this video to see a quick preview of a samurai in training
After a long period of peace Japan was attacked by the United States, who would take control of them unless the Japanese opened up their trading posts to the U.S. The Japanese did not want to be overtaken so they tried to become as modernized as possible to avoid being controlled by the United States. Since using swords was not modern, samurai realized that they had to give up their jobs as samurai and thus the end of the samurai class.
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