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Self-regulated decisions in adolescence

Adolescent risk taking

Nagem Aizup

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Self-regulated decisions in adolescence

Self-regulated decisions
in adolescence Why do adolescents
take more risks? What we've found.... When emotional aroused,
rewards are more salient! What we thought... Adolescents think they are invincible! Beyth-Marom, et al., 1993 Your friends ask you to come along with them for a drive after a party where everyone had been drinking.
You were at a party where marijuana was passed around.
Some of your friends planned to skip school and go to the mall instead.
You discussed with your boy/girlfriend whether or not to have sex together.
A friend invited you to come to his housefor a beer party while his parents were away. What are the consequences? Millstein & Halpern-Felsher, 2002 vs. socioemotional
network cognitive-control
network Gardner & Steinberg, 2005 So what should we do? Education may not be the answer Concentrate on limiting opportunities for immautre judgments to have harmful consequences.

Understand the contextual factors that influence self-regulation.

Familiarize adolescents with real statisitics about health-risk behaviors. Make sure they know they norms.
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