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Motutapu marvellousness

No description

Nicole Masters

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Motutapu marvellousness

Increased CLA in
biologically grown US beef
All starts with the SOIL

'Regenerative' farming systems:
Nutrient & soil losses
Chemical requirements
GHG emissions
Weed pressures
Fossil fuel use
Research shows
Increased trace elements in biologically grown US beef
Omega-3 % in Beef Fat under
different NZ grazing regimes

Providing FOOD for consumers.
Biological Farming offers REAL and proven on-farm benefits which can complement all of NZ Ag.

FarmPure, truly delivering Brand New Zealand.
Biological Benefits
Nutrient immobilization
Nutrient availability
Disease protection
Plant growth hormones and enzymes
Increasing water holding capacity
Decomposition and detoxification
(Re) Building soil structure
Benefits continued...
This is all on offer if we
foster our free
Motutapu Farm
Transforming what's "right?"

Whole Systems Food Production
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