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North and South Grow Apart

Differences between the North and South led to growing tensions between the two regions.

Heather Rincon

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of North and South Grow Apart

A Look at the Differences Between the North and the South
A Nation in Trouble
Two Very Different Parts
of One Country!

Rural Way of Life
The American South
Which states would have warmer weather all year round?
Why Was Farming and Slavery so Popular in the South?
Bought cheap goods from Great Britain
Almost 95% of population was rural
Cotton and Tobacco
Longer Growing season and plenty of rain!!
More Farming=More labor needed
Urban Way of Life
The American North
9 of the 10 largest cities in the United States were in the North
Wanted high taxes on Imported Goods. Why?
Most Northern states had outlawed slavery
Climate and Land was much different in the North
Why Was Manufacturing so Popular in the North?
As Ice Age ended glaciers melted. What would this do to the land?
North relied on Fishing and factories because of the poor land conditions
Cold winters and short summers=Not good farming conditions
Did not use slaves in factories
Northerners began feeling slavery was wrong.
The Slavery debate was just Beginning...
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