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World War 1

No description

Rasesh Shah

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of World War 1

The great powers made alliances so there would be a balance in power.
The Europen countries spent too much money on their military.
The Great Powers were Imperial Powers.
World War 1 (M.A.I.N.)
Long Term Causes of WW1
World War 1 happened because of long term and short term reasons. There were 4 long term reasons. Alliances, Nationalism, Militarism and Imperialism
Nationalism is beliefs that promote the collective interests and cultural identity of a nation
They wanted to protect their land and their colonies from invasion of other empires because of Imperialism
Britain had the largest Navy in the world
Russia had the largest army in the world
Top 3 Largest Militaries
Russia: 5 971 000
Germany: 4 500 000
France 4 017 000
This means, if they defeat a country their territory expands. The country becomes bigger
The European countries' biggest fear was Imperialism, what if a country wanted to expand?
Britain owned 25% of the world
All of them wanted to expand their controlled land and grow bigger
They did not want any one country to become too powerful
2 Main Alliances:
- The Triple Alliance
- Germany, Autria-Hungry, Italy
- The Triple Entente
- France, Russia & Britain
All the countries honoured their alliances which resulted in the WW1
Austria-Hungary was home to 50 000 000 Austrians, Hungarians, Bosnians, Ukrainians and other groups
When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed he was in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina
The people who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand
were from Serbia
The Serbians in Austria believed they should be liberated from Austrian control and become part of Serbia
3 Largest Armies
5 971 000
4 017 000
4 500 000
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente
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