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Jacques Cartier S.S presentation

No description

Malak Saleh

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier S.S presentation

Jacques Cartier He was born in 1491 in a place known as
Saint-Malo, Brittany, France
Jacques Cartier is a french explorer
that was one of the major discoverers of
canada, in specific the interior region that would
be part of the first area that could become the nation In 1534 he set sail looking for a
western passage to Asia.
He explored parts of what
are now Newfoundland,
starting on May 10 of that year Cartier set sail for a second voyage on May 19
of the following year with 3 ships, 110 men
He heard of a country further north, called Saguenay,
that was said to be full of gold and other treasures. On May 23, 1541 he departed St-Malo on his third voyage. This time he was looking for Saguenay, however he didn't succeed in this voyafe either. The first voyage of Jacques Cartier lasted 137 days Cartier Died in 1557 after returning from
his third and last voyage he stayed in France
and died there. He never actually got to explore Canada,
but he set the basis of exploration in that place. Area explored by Cartier Done by: Malak Saleh
9S Sources:
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