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communication and employability skills

No description

tamara fleming

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of communication and employability skills

To different situations
To groups / age / culture
Cultural difference
The different kinds of cultures, languages and Religious views.
Differenciate between facts and opinions
Showing emphasis on what you are saying
Proof Reading
How you structure your wording to make it easier to understand
Using documents to present alternative viewpoints
Spelling and grammar
Making sure the right
impression is presented through the correct language used
To show emotions without words
Note Taking
It saves time, can be edited and is easy to revise from
listening, nodding and giving your whole attention to the conversation
Body Language
The use of sign language, hand movements, non - verbal communication and gestures
giving positive feedback and positive criticisms effectively
verbal communication
The interaction between people through speech
open and closed questions
Differences between them
an open question is one in which no simple answer is available
open question
closed question
A closed question is one is which the answer is simple. It is usually yes or no or a straight forward answer with no explanation needed.

Allow respondants to include more information including their feelings and understanding of the subject.
They allow for obtaining extra information from the respondent.
Respondents are less likely to forget what they are saying because they are given the chance the answer with their own opinion.
Can be used easily for analysis
by other surveyors.
Can be analysed easier as every answer can be given a value so that it can be assessed numerically or statistically.
They are better suited for analysis on a computer.
They can be more specific so they are more likely to communicate similar thoughts.
Makes a large-scale survey less expensive as it saves the interviewer, researcher and participant time.
Answers tend to loose some of their meaning as most information is turned to coding and mainly quantitative date is used
It is difficult to compare meanings as respondents own opinions are used.
The response rate is lower with surveys that use open questions than with those that use closed questions

Sometimes the answer to an open question is rambling or incoherent, and does not provide the answer the questioner is looking for
Closed questions do not allow the respondent to say what their true opinion of the topic is.
The question may not be fully understood as the answer can only be yes or no.
Personal attributes valued

by employers


Technical Knowledge
Working procedures for security, health and safety
Being able to follow strict guidelines to make sure you are aware of the procedures in place
Work Attitudes
The work attitude of a person can depend on the satisfaction they have of a job, the conditions they work in, rate of pay and opportunities within the job

Personal Skills
The ability to organise yourself and your time effectively
Being able to plan what you are going to do before

you do it
Organisational skills
Being organised is having the ability to manage your time and yourself effectively
Team Working
The combined action of a group of people
verbal / written communication skills
Numeracy and Creativity
The ability to work with numbers effectively and be creative in what you do

Having a positive attitude to want to complete something to the best of your ability
Having the ability to work alone
Being trustworthy and having the ability to do the right thing
The ability to be reliable and trustworthy to other employees
The ability to tolerate behaviors and attitudes of other people
To be arranged in a structured way
Time management

Having the ability to manage time in specicific situations and tasks set
Having the right skills and knowledge specific for the job in hand
Checking over what you have done to make sure it is right
They force respondents to answer with an answer that they might not using open questions
Barriers to communication
Background Noise
Even the slightest noise can affect communication like traffic outside a window. To overcome this you could move to a room where no traffic could be heard or simply shut the window.
Using the wrong style
You need to make sure the way in which you speak to an audience is correct for their level. To make sure it is you should plan what you are going to say to make the language and tone used is suitable for that audience.
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