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Ed Gein

No description

Tabinduh Ahmad

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Ed Gein

Central State Hospital
Edward Theodore Gein
By: Tabinda & Jessica
-Extra facts regarding Ed Gein
It is theorized that Ed Gein wanted to become a woman at one point thus creating a full woman body suit.
4.When did your subjects murders take place?
Background information of Ed Gein:
- Born on August, 27th, 1906 in his hometown of La Cross County, Wisconsin,
-He was also referred to as "The Plainfield Ghoul" as well as "The Mad Butcher"
-He was an American body snatcher and murderer.
-Ed Gein was schizophrenic.

Subject: Ed Gein
-Age: 48-51 (1954-1957)
-Physical Characteristics:
-Ethnic Background: Caucasian
-Profession: Handyman
-Education level: Unspecified grade; however
Ed Gein did attend school
-Interests: Study of human anatomy and Nazi concentration camp experiment

3.Where did your subjects murders take place?
-At night, Ed Gein would always steal bodies from graves on the nights where there would be a full moon
6. what is your subject classified as?
He was classified as a serial killer,
he committed more than three murders, in three separate events
In a period of more than 30 days
He was a "disorganized killer"
- He left tracks of blood on his murder which lead the police to him as a suspect and criminal

The two people Gein claimed to killed were;
- Tavern owner Mary Hogan on December 8, 1954
- Plainfield hardware store owner, Bernice Worden, on November 16, 1957
- he admitted to robbing nine graves
10. How many victims has your subject claimed to have murdering?

8. Has your subject been apprehended?
He was apprehended on November 21, 1957
Gein was arraigned on one count of first degree murder in Waushara County Court,where he pled not guilty because of insanity
Found mentally incompetent and unfit for trial, Gein was sent to the Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
On July 26, 1984, Gein died of respiratory failure, due to cancer at the age of 77 in Stovall Hall at the Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison,Wisconsin
11. Where is your subject today?
-In the afternoon of December, 4th, 1954, Ed Gein killed
Mary Hogan
-On the night of Novemeber, 16th, 1957, Ed Gein killed Bernice Worden
All the victims he robbed from the graves and killed were women
He dug up the graves of recently buried middle-aged women whom he thought resembled his mother
As a side note Gein told investigators that between 1947 and 1952,he made about 40 nocturnal visits to three local graveyards to exhume recently buried bodies
7, Is There a precise victimology regarding your
subjects' target?
There was no precise victimology regrading Ed Gein's targets with the exception of him stealing his mother's body
When sheriffs went to Gein's home they found various body parts around his home some include:
Gloves made from human skins
Four noses
A bowl made out of the tops of human heads
Ten women whom did not have the tops of their heads
A hanging human head
A pair of human lips hanging from a string
A woman body suit built with human skin and completed with a mask
Two skulls on Ed's bedposts
A lampshade covered in human skin

His crimes, were committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin
Ed's actions inspired movies like
The Silence of the lambs
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

5, Describe the homicidal activity of your subject?
Ed Gein was a Hedonistic killer
he killed for the pleasure of killing
he engaged in rituals such as mutilation and necrophilia
We believe he was a Visionary killer because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia
Predominant killing characteristics
He would always remove body parts that interested him
He would decapitate the bodies he takes
Ed Gein has only been legally known to kill only two people. Though it is thought that he has killed over 15 people one of which was his own brother.
9. How many victims has your subject been suspected or proven of murdering?
He decapitated her body in a shed, and hung her upside down by ropes at her wrists, with a crossbar at her ankles.
His mother was big influence She was very religious always told her sons about, the evil of drinking, and the belief that all women (except herself) were naturally prostitutes and instruments of the devil. She also read her sons biblical verses, one's specifically about death.
who was said to be dead in the fire and officially listed asphyxiation as the cause of death but many suspected Ed killed his brother
Ed Gein's grave site was frequently vandalized over the years, and in 2000 his
tombstone was stolen. Ed's tombstone
was later found in 2001 in Seattle and is now displayed at the Wautoma, Wisconsin Museum.
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