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Music Project - Viola

No description

Tiffany Bouchard

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Music Project - Viola

Mozart also played the viola but he
put his solo work for it into chamber
music and a joint concerto with the violin
called the Sinfonia Concertante. But Mozart
represented the viola well in his chamber music by composing many string quintets that included two violas, clarinet trio and piano. Unique Qualities
of the Viola Technical Demands In an orchestra a viola usually is the instrument that has a mellow, deep and rich sound and is very pleasing to the ear. The viola although much alike to the violin but with a deeper tone and a larger size, usually does not get many parts in a playing piece but plays the harmony and a very minimum amount of melodic parts. Violas also participate in small orchestras which are called quartets, usually containing one of each stringed instruments violin, viola, cello and bass. Violas today can be found in contemporary pop music as well as jazz, just as a bass would share this role. As a violin would be used for folk music, viola is used as well although not as often. In Hungarian and Romanian folk music a three stringed viola is used. Most of the time violins can be amplified and equalized to become a electric violin, very rare in the viola but was used for several melody parts in the Welsh artist John Cale's,The Velvet Underground. Begins at one octave below middle C, and goes up three octaves and a third to E. In our class so far, we have done one of the octaves so far. We started at open D and went an entire octave using the first, second and third fingers on the A string and the D string. We have not yet learned to shift yet but the basses have. Once we have learned to shift we'll be introduced to a wide variety of new notes. The first viola was made in the early to the middle 16th century no later than around 1530 The viola was originally called the alto tenor violin because at the time the word viola meant any classical string instrument that was played with a bow History of the Viola The Viola Presentation by: Tiffany Bouchard , Aymen Hussain & Akalyan Anantharajah The viola dates back from the same time period as the violin Slightly larger than the violin 4 strings of varying thickness Developed in Italy Full size can be up to 15 to 17 inches
Small size could be as much as 11 inches Played in alto clef Deeper richer tone Uses of the Viola Range Fun Facts Some tenor violas were also made but these were rarely played these came along in about the 17th century In the 19th century the viola was treated poorly because very few concertos and solos were composed for it with the exception of Berlioz's Harold in Italy. What I think about the piece is that first of all I really like it because it reminds me of music played at celebrations in the medieval times. I also think that this concerto presents the viola in a very strong way because there used to be almost no significant viola pieces written before 1750. But in the later 18th century the German composer George Phillip Telemann (1681-1767) wrote a concerto for the viola, and the viola was taken a bit more seriously afterwards. Aymen's Opinion Akalyan's Opinion Tiffany's Opinion Telemann made excellent use of the mellow deep sounding viola. The songs mood is mellow and upbeat. My opinion on the song is that Telemann has thought about all the instruments in the song, even though its a viola concerto. I don't have many negative comments on the song because i like it.if i could change one thing id put more more accompaniments. The song would make any person that's sad feel better. In conclusion i would say that the song is one of the best songs that can be played with a quartet. it also one of the very best viola pieces out there. Telemann : Viola Concerto
2nd Movement Thank You! In the 18th century the viola went
from being the instrument that just
filled in, in the middle of an ensemble
to being an instrument that composers
started writing concertos for. After this
the viola was put through many
experiments to try to improve it. But it
wasn't until the 20th century when the
viola player Lionel Tertis who
partnered with the instrument maker
Arthur Richardson tried to create the
ideal viola in 1937. Several technical demands may include.. -keeping your nails short in order
to move freely around the finger board - remembering to loosen your bow
and tighten it before every use - remembering to rossen your bow when it seems to
be slipping and sliding off the strings as you play -remembering to never pluck your strings between the bridge and the fingerboard, only pluck on the fingerboard. Because it can ruin the strings. the viola has the same strings as the cello The American 1960's rock band Velvet Underground featured the viola in many of their songs. there is a small village called viola in the Mercer County in Illinois, US -getting comfortable holding your instrument, making sure that your viola is off to the side and your viola is not resting on your wrist -getting used to balancing the bow on the strings so the bow does not slip or fall of your strings of the instrument. -learning how to tune with the tuner -getting used to fingering, and moving your fingers around the finger board to keep with the tempo -getting used to and remembering how to stay seated when playing the viola; on the edge of your seat with your back straight -familiarizing yourself in reading notes in your instruments clef In my opinion the piece was really beautiful and i really enjoyed how the viola was given the chance to play the melody in its rich sound which was very pleasing to the ear. The tempo was neither upbeat nor too slow which made the piece very unique. The piece was very relaxing and a lot of energy was portrayed through the speed. I think there were amazing dynamics in this piece by the way the volume would increase and decrease rapidly but very smoothly, from a full sound to a very light and steady sound. The melody was repetitive yet complex but very catchy. I believe this was a good piece to show that violas aren't always the weak instrument that just plays the harmony but can make a wonderful sound and melody. The Velvet Underground : Venus in Furs features the electric viola
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