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CESIM Global Challenge Overview

No description

Shaikha AlMidfa

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of CESIM Global Challenge Overview

CESIM Global Challenge Experience
- Low-cost strategy: prices high > low profit
- No promotion > affected profit
- 2nd round > better pricing strategy > no promotion
- 4th & 5th round > competed well price & promotion
- Countries with highest profit margin

The overall strategy
Actions undertaken to achieve a low cost strategy
- Market conditions and competition

- Looked at regions' economic conditions & product preference

Was the team successful or not?
What did you learn from the simulations?
- Market conditions

- Promotion and price

- Technology

Any Questions?
Difficulties faced throughout the game
- Lack of experience

- Working with market conditions

- Retaliate prices placed by competitors

Other observations on the learning process
" Offering the lowest price in the market will result in high demand consequently achieving the largest profit. "
Selling 300 pieces
Cost: $50
Price: $100

= 15,000 profit
Team A
Team B
Selling 250 pieces
Cost: $50
Price: $140

= 22,500 profit

Keys to Success
- The starting point

- 3rd to 5th round
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