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The Man From Ironbark

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Man From Ironbark

The Man From Ironbark

The Man From Ironbark Joke.
The joke is that the barber pretended to signify his neck with a sharp razor dipped in hot water. But the man from iron bark thought it was actually cut. so the barber thought that it was funny.
similarities and differences
Where Was The Poem Set?

Well, this poem was set in the town of Sydney.
Detail 3

To sum up the poem of The Man From Iron Bark is about a man who goes to Sydney to explore around the town, and wanders into a barber shop. But he goes in there thinking he is going to get his beard cut. But no. The barber plays a joke on him. But after that the barber gets out of his chair and wrecks the place.
They are both male.

They are both Australian
They are both from different parts of Australia.

The barber is wealthy TMFI is not so wealthy.
The Poetic Devices In The Poem.
The poetic devices used in this poem I think is that the moods change a lot and that the poem keeps a rhythm constantly throughout the poem.
Unfamiliar words and their meanings.
Toff- A stylish person, well dressed especially the person who wants to be considered as the upper class.

Livid- To be angry.

tote- A bag

Twas- Slang Australian word.

lark- A joke.

s'pose- Australian word.

ere' Slang Aaustrtain word.

Bushman- Someone who works in the bush.

hairy paw- a hand.

gloat- To brag.

slashed- to cut with violet sense.
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