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Emotional Contagion

No description

Chandler Rumsey

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Emotional Contagion

Chandler Rumsey Emotional Contagion What is an Emotional Contagion? Emotion affects interpersonal communication
How we talk to others
How others hear what we say
Our relational outcomes Video Clip Analysis The End The process of transferring emotions from one person to another. Emotional Contagion When one person"infects"others around him or her
Can rub off positive or negative feelings
Daniel Goleman "emotional afterglow"
Positive emotions, upbeat conversation Emotion and Communication

Emotional contagions found in a marriage can impact spousal health
Not only influenced by spouse emotions, also face health consequences to doing so
Study showed that hardening of the coronary arteries was more likely in wives when they—or their husbands—expressed hostility during fights.
If you see that your husband is anxious or depressed, you literally feel his pain

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/relationships/Your-Spouses-Mood-May-Be-Contagious#ixzz293Ldzp2z Real World Applications 500 Days of Summer Extremely happy, greeting others he normally wouldn't
His happiness rubs off onto strangers when he greets them
He's so happy, that others are happy for him
Flash mob dance starts attracting others
Also happy and join in with him
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