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How a blender works?

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of How a blender works?

How a blender shaped technology ?
Why was there a need for this blender?
In 1922 Stephen poplawski invented the blender.
What are the parts of the blender ?
. Low noise during usage
.ease of use
.large visible meashent marks
What changes did the blender go through ?
1922 - Stephen Poplawski creates a blender.
1937 - fred warinh helps poplawski improve blender.
1938 - blender promoted on raido .
1941 to 1945 - Blender prodution halts during ww1.
1946 - John Oster purchaces poplawski company and introducuces .
1946 to 1953 - blender prodution resumes and new attaments and colours are intoduced.
1954 - 1 million sales of waring blender.
2012 - 75th anniversary of a blender.

How does a motor work in a blender ?
you need
. Copper wire
thank you for lisning
How a blender works?
How have the need of the people shaped technology? The blender was created to help to change firm substances into smooth Juices. The blender is used to crush food for babies, elderley, smoothies and thick shakes.
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