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Huong Thai

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of KANSAI

Presented by:
Lynn Weis
Ina Twickler
Nicolas Thatcher
Adriana Vrablova
Sebastian Viehhofer
Thai Nguyen Hoai Huong

Project Customer
Project Manager
Project Owner
Market demand
Strategic opportunity
Economical revitalization
Compete with Tokyo
Customer request
Low cost options
Easy access to and from city
24 hour service
Technological advance
A lightweight and durable structure
Preventing natural disasters
Legal requirements
The PFI Act
The contractors
The different interest groups or stakeholder
1 Underestimated costs of maintenance

2 Costs of construction exceed the budget
3 Airport construction failed (due to sinking or collapsing)

4 Hydraulic Jacks do not work or are not adjusted properly

5 Natural Disaster (Earthquake, Taifun, Tsunami)

6 Faster sinking of the island
7 Not enough money from clients after opening (Airlines not willing to pay high prices)

8 Not many passangers (e.g. due to no trust in construction)

9 Operating costs too high, higher than revenue

10 Too high competition (e.g. due to already existing or new build airports)
11 Delays in construction

12 Unskilled workforce

1. Activities to create an airport that protects the pleasant regional environment (14 targets)

2. Activities to create an airport with a low impact on the global environment (13 targets)

3. Activities to create a recycling airport (6 targets)

4. Activities to create an airport that values nature and supports personal interaction (3 targets)

5. Activities to create an airport that exists in harmony with local residents and users (8 targets)

government of Japan
private shareholders interested in business in the region of Osaka
The airport was later sold to private investors in order to help boost revenue and decrease costs
Kansai International Airport Co. Ltd.

Fluor Corporation
- contributed as a member of the consortium, design management and project control services to the Kansai International Airport construction project.
It is an American company that provides maintenance, engineering, procurement and project management services to governments and clients around the world.
Works closely with the portfolio or program manager to achieve the project objectives and to ensure the project plan aligns with the overarching program plan.
We grade the project as a success!

18.126 Million flew in and out of Kansai


Monuments of the Millennium

Airport Design and Development

Asia Pacific International Airport of the Year
October 1984
Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. (KIAC) was founded.
December 1993
opening of 1st airport island (runway A)
2375 days
March 1994
the airport access bridge
2465 days
September 1994
Kansai International Airport was opened.
August 2007
opening of 2nd airport island (runway B)
"dango" - Japanese culture

Accused the companies involved in the bid-rigging

and the Japanese government of using unfair,

immoral and illegal business tactics.

The internal stakeholders
which are the project management team, project manager, sponsor and other project team members.
The external stakeholders
on the other hand, are operations management, functional managers, sellers/business partners, customers/users, portfolio managers, program manager, project management office and other stakeholders.
The competitors
take their potential customers away - negative influence on the project.
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