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may mahmoud

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Jelecom

Presented by :
Eng: Hadeer Abd Elaziz.


was established in 1994 .
provides dynamic, interactive, hands on training for students to get the direct "experience" in the latest up-to-date in engineering.
Jelecom has already extended its mission for the Arab world. from: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Sudan and Libya.
Training Programs for Egyptians
Training Abroad

Training in Germany

Jelecom Services
Training in Germany
Training in USA
The Best Investment Is Investment in people
Practical Training solutions for
wideband sector of Engineers and Technicians.
the newly graduated engineers who need support to have the required potential for the new job.
training the engineers who are working in the field to update their knowledge and enhance their skills.
FREE training opportunities for under graduated students in the faculties of engineering.
At The End
At the end of each course a final exam is held and certificates are given to our trainees in graduation ceremony.
Information Technology Skills
Telecommunications Technologies
Electronics Engineering Skills
Embedded Systems Applications
Medical Engineering Skills
Programming & Software
Marketing Skills
Electrical Power Engineering Skills
Civil Engineering Skills
Architecture Engineering Skills
Training in USA
two programs:
industrial PLC Basic&Advanced Applications.
for Electrical and Mechatronics students of Engineering
CNC Programing &Milling and Turning Applications.
for Mechanical and Mechatronics
students of Engineering
Training Topics:
Analog signal processing.
Digital signal processing.
Embedded Systems Techniques.
Power Management and power Supplies.
Wireless Communication and Networking.
Touch Technologies & Human Interface.
Technical Support:
Graduation Projects:
Scientific Tours:
serve and support the final years graduation projects .
Renting Tools & Kits for free.
executes many (Free) Scientific Tours for
great factories and production lines
and stations.
Training Programs
for Arabs
Electronics Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Network Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Management Engineering Projects
ISO Certificate
Autodesk Certificate
ManPower Certificate
ITIDA Certificate
Ain Shams Engineering Certificate
Ain Shams University Certificate
UOFK Certificate
Assuit Certificate
Zagazig Certificate
Al Mansoura Certificate
Suez Canal Certificate
Microchip Certificate
Investor Association Certificate
Engineering Cyndicate Certificate
Al Mansoura New Certificate
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