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Asia Pacific Community Programs 2013 (Part 1)

Re-cap of community programs for 2013

Madeleine Koh

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Asia Pacific Community Programs 2013 (Part 1)

AP Community

Safe Bike Riding for Kids
[Japan (JP), Vietnam (VN), Indonesia (ID)]
Part 1 of 4
DuPont Japan conducted safe bike riding workshop to more than 260 students with support from professional road race team and Tochigi prefectural force where students learned bike history, safety and the proper riding techniques through presentation and actual bike riding sessions.
Highlighting Miracles of Biotechnology
DuPont Pioneer technology was showcased to 20 students from one of Tokyo's most prestigious junior high schools through presentation and hands-on experiments.
Road Repairs for Community Betterment in Bengkulu
DuPont Pioneer International Grant helped to repair main road in Sumber Makmur village in Lubuk Pinang Muko-muko Regency at Bengkulu province – an important corn producing area. The road repair has shortened the travel distance to 3 kilometers from the previous 15. This was a much needed community betterment to ensure road safety for farmers and their families. It also helped improve farmer productivity and profitability by reducing transportation cost in transferring grains harvested to the main village.
220 families
equal to 880 people
Public-Private Partnership in Indonesia to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
DuPont Pioneer Indonesia collaborated with Department of Food Crops under Ministry of Agriculture through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program on raising agricultural productivity. A Pioneer Information and Learning Center (PILC) was built in the village of Montok, Pamekasan Regency in Madura, inaugurated by Paul Schickler on May 7. PILC also houses a silage production unit and a mobile corn sheller unit which are made available to the farmers nearby to earn extra income and corn silage for more nutritious cattle feed.
Emergency Aid for Volcano Eruption Impacted Refugees
DuPont Indonesia provided emergency aid to the farming communities in Karo, North Sumatera impacted by the Mt Sinabung volcano eruption. Assistance in the form of face masks, tents, and dry foods was delivered to the Moderamen Batak Christian Protestant Church (GKBP), an evacuation post in Kabanjahe, Karo Regency. The program was part of the Company's effort in exercising corporate social responsibility (CSR) whereby the company has built Pioneer Information and Learning Center in Tiga Binanga in 2010. The Center facilitated corn plantation and general agricultural education for corn farmers and the surrounding communities to improve their welfare.
Solar Water Pump for Clean Drinking Water at School
In collaborating with the Binh Duong Province People Committee and Education Department, DuPont Vietnam installed a drinking water filtration system at Duong Tam Loc School, Phu Giao District. Binh Duong is where our Crop Protection packing plant operates and is about 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. The school has built two underground water wells and storage systems for in-school general cleaning and washing. With this new system connected to the existing water wells, 350 students and teachers there now have free and easy access to clean drinking water at all times.
350 students
& teachers
Spreading the Word on Electrical Safety in Neighborhood
A team of DuPont Pioneer Safety, Health and Environment and electrical engineering employees provided electrical safety training to local residents to help raise their safety awareness and avoid exposure to electrical hazards. The team identified 12 households closest to our Malang site as the training target. Being a member of the Malang community, the team felt that they have the responsibility to help others understand the importance of safety because unsafe acts would disrupt plant operations and expose the local community to dangerous situations.
Stewardship Highlights on Pesticides Safe Use
DuPont Crop Protection held the 2013 Stewardship Day in Karawang, West Java and in Probolinggo, East Java on June 5 with the theme of “We Plant, We Grow, We Harvest the Results, Today and Tomorrow.” The event aimed at reinforcing DuPont position in product stewardship through activities highlighting the safe and responsible use of pesticides. Various activities were conducted including naming DuPont ambassadors to strengthen DuPont relationships with farmers, key influencers and related parties. Government officials and several media partners also participated in the program.
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