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Idioms: Silly sayings with figurative and literal meanings.

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christopher schultz

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Idioms: Silly sayings with figurative and literal meanings.

Silly sayings that only
mean something to someone who
knows the language and their meaning.
Literal meaning
Idioms have both a figurative
and literal meaning.

figurative - the commonly
meaning of the

literal - what the words
actually mean

figurative meaning-
cup of coffee

Figurative meaning-
to have patience
In the picutre below,
does the idiom, "sick as a dog"
In the following example, what is the figurative meaning of the idiom.

Chris thought last night's homework was a piece of cake.

- He thought his homework was to bake and eat cake.
- He thought it was easy.

Create idiom
pictures of your own
show a figurative or literal meaning
Idiom- "hold your horses"
Idiom - "cup of joe"
supplies needed....
-colored pencils/ crayons
- On one side draw the figurative meaning of the idiom.
- On the other side draw the literal meaning of the idiom.
- After 10 minutes or so, we'll come back together as a group and guess which picture shows the literal and figurative meaning.
At breakfast, Karen ordered a cup of joe.
The teacher told the students to hold their horses.
literal meaning...
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