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ancient greece

No description

autumn cropper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of ancient greece

Ancient Greece The poor get more power republic is a government in which citizen have the right to vote ang elect officials tribune the top of the plebian assembly were called tribune plebians common poor people of rome patrician represented the upper class of roman society twelve tables repunblic first written law code The roman republic Tripartite means three part government witch include oilgarch marnarhcy and democracy monarchy is a government ruled by a king or queen checks and balaces represent a mean for keeping any one branch of a government from gaining more power than the others The Senate is a oligarchy which had 300 people in it there was less plebians than patricians geography rome is located near the center of the italian peninsula Rome was near many rivers Rome liked the winters warm and the summers dry Rome grows olives, grains, and vegetables the river in rome provides transportation and fresh water Organs of rome there were two twins that found rome the twins fought each other there names were Romulus and remus Remus died in the fight they named Rome after roman Remus and Romulus were found and raised up at palatian hill consuls monarchy tribune democracy assembly democracy senate oligarchy Groth of the Republic Tactics is a method used to achieve a short- term goal such as winning a battle roman legion professional military rome used diplomacy punic wars vs carthage i am done : D the poor got more power
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