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No description

Octovia V

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Wedding

Ken & Barbara's Wedding
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Step 1: The Universe
Step 2 : logistics
Step 3 : Festivities
We hope you liked this presentation
and will let us be your outstanding wedding planers !

Transportation :

The wedding concept :
The wedding planner team represented by :
The dream wedding company
The enchanting place :
Save the date! :

The housing :
the guests residency
with cars available
the couple residency
feet in the sand, front of south beach
We organize a wedding for a Ken and Barbara, a couple 30’s.
The groom is American, lawyer,
family in NYC
. The bride is south coreen student in medicine,
family Seoul

They want to get married in
south of france
. She dreams about
Invite two hundred (200) people
Music :
Budget :

30 000euros
Diabissé Amady, Kelly Lopes, Caroline Broisin
The profil and the command :
exotic, original and romantic : bring Hawaii in the south of france
be original with
a painted pebble !
let's fly away !
Hey lovers!
- the close family (by helicopter)
- the other guest :friends and the distant family (a 20% in their return flight)
- the couple (by a private pink jet)
- We need to bring the bride's family in Seoul,
by helicopter,

- flew to NYC for pick up the groom's family

- for be in south of France right on time for the wedding !
place !


The dream wedding company
Let us make you happy
to be married !

Hawaiian decoration

full of colors: yellow, orange, blue, white...!
Your guests will be impressed! All your guests will have their own
Hawaiian necklace to put them in the mood.

Your wedding dress:

We shall propose you a wide choice of store so that you can find the dress of your dreams
Your wedding cake:

A wedding cake totally in accordance with your theme with small figurines Hawaiian in your effigy

The caterer:

We are in partnership with the best caterers, With free tasting! You will have only to choose your favourite


There will be hostesses
in hawaiian dress to receive
your guests
> Your bouquet of flowers: We
imagine for you a very
colored bouquet
As that day must be the most lively as possible, we propose few festivities that you should probably love !
We propose many forms of fireworks such as for example hearts or letters !
Like this, You'll can write your names in the sky !
As You want, We have find you a rock band
to have the best night ever !

And especially for You, a Corean rock band : STORY STELLER !
Powerful and charismatic. You'll dance all night long !
And obviously, there will be also a DJ !
will be presents to liven up the night !
To dazzle the eyes of your guests ,

Hawaiian costumes will be available to your guests !
A photograph will capture your best moments !
You'll have the best original wedding book!
And finally...
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